Wednesday, March 10, 2010


She's an ordinary girl who made herself a queen -- big dreams -- enormous drive -- all encompassing ambition -- big talent -- for singing, dancing, producing movies, Dvds, albums, clothes, jewelry, fragrances, beauty products -- remarkable talent for self promotion -- talent for seeing what she wants and GETTING IT.

Here she is at the 2000 Grammy's, in a Versace gown.

Wow! She was THERE. She was just a "presenter." I actually didn't know who she was. But her gown, the body -- seeing that body neck to crotch -- completely upstaged who was getting that award.

Whewy! That body -- the look of her -- the nerve, outrageous NERVE of who ever she was -- then and there, made an unforgettable impression.

It's ten years later, and SHE'S THERE -- THERE showing us and the world how SHE can get any man she wants (except Ben Affleck) -- THERE displaying how she can make twins -- THERE wearing extravagant jewelery, stunning clothes -- THERE utterly perfect, gorgeous, delectable, fabulous, casting her spell on everyone (except Ben Affleck).

I didn't know her name in 1998, but I thought she was amazing and interesting and superb in the movie "Selena." But after the Grammy's, learning her name, seeing her THERE on TV singing, dancing, performing ordinary, mediocre show biz stuff super well, I found myself cringing, thinking -- Wow, she's great! Why don't I like her? Why do I shake my head and look away, not watch her in awe?

Well, maybe because again and again, she repeats the Versace gown "I LOVE ME" routine.

Whatever role she's playing, in her many, many moments in the center of the stage -- I see -- NO -- I feel used -- forced to open my eyes in amazement, because she is such a tip-top, marvelous, I LOVE ME -- YOU LOVE ME -- WATCH ME -- APPLAUD ME performer, who intrigues me (intrigued Ben Affleck).

I can't survive, retain myself and my opinions and feeling, my own drives and ambitions (like Ben Afleck), when J Lo is center stage, turned ON.

Ben Affleck's got another woman, a wife and child, and a loving gaze -- a lovely "for real" feeling emanates from him when he's with them. I can't evaluate where he's at with his career. (Aside from screenwriting and winning an Oscar for "Good Will Hunting," he's a handsome leading man who's starred in many films. I imagine there are offers -- he's definitely still a name -- his "for real" feelings will probably permeate his acting, in a positive way.)

What about Mark Anthony, J Lo's famous, singer-performer husband?

Mark Anthony's there, but much less, smaller, with much less impact than he was before he married J Lo, the magical, excessively amazing, talented, gorgeous, singing, dancing, movie producer, creator of Dvds, albums, clothes, jewelry, fragrances, beauty products -- this brilliantly talented girl of forty, who's getting, and getting, and getting more famous, more money, more power, getting everything she wants. (Except ... me. )

I've said it before. I can't help it. I have to say it again: Jennifer Lopez gives me the creeps.
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