Sunday, March 7, 2010


On Jay Leno's newly reborn show, March 2, with Sarah Palin -- well-well -- Adam Lambert was announced.

I watched the show, not to see Palin. I couldn't laugh at her you-betcha clever remarks -- she scares me -- her charm, the fear I have of her becoming more important, as she spews out ugly, wrong, ignorant views on everything the White House is working on -- seducing that part of America that falls for lies and distortions, because of its deeply ingrained race prejudice.

(Long sentence -- it's been a long year, during which I've seen, again and again, how anti Obama-isms, are stalling, and stopping Congress from doing its job.)

Yay Lambert -- flashing his overly-mascaraed eyes, gesturing with his flashy be-ringed hands -- not conceding or kowtowing to the screaming (yuck) female fans, not playing "straight" guy for the American audience that loves to see and despise homosexuality.

Were you waiting, sort of hoping for some bump-and-grinding censorable dancing? I was.

His abilities are way beyond the American Idol levels of last year and this year ( and the year before.)

Adam Lambert can dance as well as sing, and he sells gay sexuality, like a man. He is quite a man, a masculine man's man, lusty, interesting -- exciting just about everyone.

Good show Jay Leno!
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