Saturday, June 26, 2010


My husband and I hear the news, three or four times during a day, see the news -- oil spill, clumps on more beaches and wetlands, missing child, celebrity mishap, weather disaster, events from all over the world ...

It's delivered to us by familiar reporters. Between commercials, nice-looking, youngish people we've seen before, give us their view of what's going on.

Actually, I don't have a relationship with the person who is conveying the latest new threat or troublesome issue -- I just take in what's being said -- be it about politics, human suffering, or who won the big game -- and wait for a revelation on yesterday's headlines.

Right now, I think it would help if we had an older-wiser, experienced anchor on the nightly news, discussing the oil spill, BP, and Iran, Israel and Gaza -- someone we know we can trust, like Dan Rather.


Carola said...

I have never liked Dan Rather. I don't know what it is, but there's something about him that really bugs me. But I do love and miss the serious anchormen from my youth: John Chancellor and of course Walter Cronkite.

Sameritech said...

Dan has a news program on HDnet "Dan Rather Reports". Very good show. His recent programs were an hour talking to people in the gulf and how the oil spill is affecting them. Another on how the Catholic Church has been shifting/hiding money to prevent from paying abuse claims.
HDnet offers the first two seasons on DVD, season 3-5 is available on iTunes. Here's the link on the show:

Kevin Daly said...

I grew up with Tom Brokaw, and I do miss hearing the news from him. I think familiarity and trust with an objective journalist is something that is sorely missing from current media. Opinions are great too, but I want facts without spin or bias! (So I check out both Drudge & Huffington and try to find the middle ground).