Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Obama has proposed this 50-year-old woman for the soon- to-be empty seat on the Supreme Court.

The photographs -- eyes, smile, sheen on her skin, her overall shape -- these things say happy person, sense of humor, motherly, overweight, warm, friendly, Jewish.

She's never been married. What about those pictures of her playing soft ball -- boyish outfit -- intensely focused, enjoying the game? Media guys have murmured, "Does she have a roommate, a special friend?"

Has the President chosen an educated-Jewish-Lesbian? She's big-time educated, Princeton, Oxford and Harvard Law School -- if you want to be somebody in the government or politics, those are THE schools. And Kagan has been professor of Chicago University Law, counsel and policy adviser for President Clinton, Dean of Harvard Law School.

What I read about her childhood tells me that young Elena had courage, an aggressive mind, and she wasn't willing to conform, unless she understood why.

That she had an Orthodox Jewish "bat mitzvah" resonates. Boys have a "bar mitvah" around puberty. They read from the Torah (sacred writings), say a prayer, and are then permitted to sit with the men in the synagogue. (Females are not allowed to touch the Torah, and they sit in a side area, outside the main room.) So, young Elena was feeling her way into a religion that does not treat men and women as equals.

I could be describing a period in my own life, when I joined the Orthodox Temple, and was stunned to realize I'd be "inferior." I quit, looked briefly at other temples, and turned my back on religion.

Anyhow, today Elena Kagan says that she identifies with Conservative Judiasm.

EK has held down many important jobs, and made many judicial decisions -- all thoroughly detailed in Wikipedia, the Internet's free, online encyclopedia.

I understand that people want to know what she has supported, voted for, or against, and whether she is a liberal -- more liberal than Obama -- less liberal -- should the ultra "left" liberals be worried? And, (I suspect this is the biggest question)-- is she a "LESBIAN?"

Stop-stop, is what I'm saying! This is time-wasting, nit-picking, dumb! Peering into her bedroom, anyone's bedroom is becoming a national tell all, confess, shock your friends, go ahead, get your kicks, let's peekaboo STUPID HABIT.

We don't need a spokeswoman, saleslady, mother, wife, bosom friend, or someone to love. We need a Judge for the Supreme Court!

My dictionary says: " Judge -- a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court, a person who decides the results of a competition, a person able or qualified to give an opinion. To judge means to form an opinion about, hand down a verdict in a law court."

Elena Kagan, an outstanding , experienced lawyer, and judge who knows the law, laws, and legal history, fills the bill. She IS what we need.
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