Friday, June 4, 2010


She was articulate, sharp, smart, responsive --
King's questions were scripted, mechanical, ho-hum --
Gaga, somehow, always surprises me -- with Larry King, she simply had an honest conversation-- she seems twenty years older-- wiser, than her age.

When the show ended, our dinner guest who was watching the show with us, commented -- "Gee, why was Lady Gaga wearing those sunglasses?"

That sort of sums up what her ever-enlarging, ever-more adoring audience sees and feels when Gaga's doing her thing -- any one of her numbers, one of her hit musical essays, or the new "Alejandro." They see/feel what she's wearing/not wearing, loving/hating, announcing/denying, adoring/destroying.

The dichotomy is IT.

She told us, the audience, unequivocally -- breaking the sound barrier, morality barriers, bending and stretching, and turning boundaries inside-out and upside down -- THAT'S WHAT I DO, Lady Gaga said.

Ah ... we do have a Queen, who can handle the King who's no longer a king, and replace a Madonna who has mostly worn-out (with her inventive sexual doings), the shock value of herself.

Gaga -- you were -- with your simple, direct, un-theatrical, revelations about your art -- a revelation. We had just a glimpse of the real YOU, and that's enough.

The fantasy-maker, "Lady Gaga" takes me to places I've never visited. She's the Queen I want to bow to, give my nod, and keep visiting.
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