Saturday, July 10, 2010


John Cullum and Emily Frankel discuss the pressure that is being put on the White House to solve all the problems immediately, right away, quick!

It worries Emily, and it frustrates John.

As they discuss the urgent issues, he explains to her, and to himself, the reasons why some of the most urgent issues cannot simply be fixed, by action.

They don't know all the facts, any more than most people, but somehow, reviewing what's going on in the country, and the world, reassures them.

They may have talked it over -- and decided "low profile" fore Michelle, so that at least one of them is around for their children.


Mary Lou said...

Ms. Frankel and Mr. Cullum,
With the utmost respect for both of you, I thank you so much for saying what I've been thinking. How can Obama fix everything that has been left to go awry for decades? He has made a lot of changes and he is swamped. John is so right re: the YEAR that it took to pass healthcare reform because the Republicans said NO! to everything. He's not an oil expert and and he can't just make a statement for that process to change and have it change. If it were that easy, we'd be living in a dictatorship. The people that built those oil rigs were supposed to be the experts and they didn't want regulation and therefore had no contingency plan and the powers that be at the time allowed that to be okay and now overnight the President is supposed to change all that and at the same time keep government out of everybody's business. It's not an impossible situation, but it can't be changed overnight. Talk about ruining democracy. What would they say if Obama did something like Bush did regarding wire-tapping. Overriding passing the issue through Congress and not using the rules already set in place. Those are the actions of a dictator. Who is it here that should be called a communist? It's either big business or big government. And the rest of us are the one's who suffer in either case. I think Obama is trying to maintain democracy as best he can and I believe is doing much more than is publicized. I don't think it is possible for him to be doing more. Out of necessity he has 50 irons in the fire. And the Republicans wasted a good part of Obama's first year in office with filibustering. Thank you for opening the floor on this subject. Obviously it really burns me that the man who purported change is now being called on the carpet first for interfering in people's lives and then for not doing enough to fix all the things that are wrong(that, by the way, he had nothing to do with causing)
I hope this isn't too much of a rant. You are kind for asking for feedback. Somebody has to hear us. Thank you so much.

Carola said...

I agree with both you and John. And with Mary Lou.

Lynne said...

Agreed!!! In eight years time he's supposed to fix problems that have been building for decades??? He's good but he's as human as the rest of us, everyone needs to cut him some serious slack! But there's another level of pressure Obama faces, one I usually don't think of consciously, but one whose existence can't be denied, one that's putting extra pressure on him, unfortunately. I'm of West Indian mixed heritage, and was raised to be aware of race, but still very color-blind, to see people not color. But because he is our first Black president, there are plenty of pissed off people just waiting for him to fail so they can say 'Look how the ****** screwed up!' Race relations have improved, but there's still the unfortunate reality that many people still think we Blacks have to work twice as hard to be considered as good as anyone else. Mr. Obama has my prayers as my President, my "brother" and my brother in God.

Kevin Daly said...

It amazes me how short sighted folks can be. Mr. Obama can't just wave everything with a magic wand and all be well. I'm sure he'd love it if it were that simple. Hell, I think we all would.

What amazes me, really, is how presidents are blamed for things that are the result of previous administrations. Republican or Democrat, it seems to always be the case. The other way around - it also amazes me when they credit when something goes right and they had nothing to do with it.

Oil spill. War. Unemployment. I want them to end, but I know it won't happen overnight.

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