Thursday, July 8, 2010


Getting a drink of water -- shouldn't you worry about the impurities in bottled water, or the purified water that's in-sufficiently purified?

Heading out for a walk -- shouldn't you worry about what's in the air today? Is the sky grey from pollutants? Is there too much sun overhead? What about the UV index for today? Do you have the right SPF cream for your arms, and face?

No more tanning -- not while you're out for a walk, never at the beach; and tanning salons are worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes.

Making a phone call -- does a cell phone cause brain cancer?

If you travel uptown are you going to take the germ filled subway? Is it better to take a taxi that's eating gas, filling the air with deadly, global warming emissions?

What about cup of coffee? It reduces the risk of colon cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, gallstones, but coffee is bad for sleep, nerves, and it sometimes causes rheumatoid arthritis.

Hang around the house? What about Radon? You can't smell it, but it could be there -- it's a killer -- shouldn't you get a radon checking kit and test the place?

Have a snack, eat something -- not fruit, not veggies that have been sprayed with pesticides -- not meat that's been exposed to antibiotics or growth hormones! And don't use plastic cups, plates, or utensils -- they're loaded with toxic BPA (Bisphenol A).

And bearing in mind that there's a water shortage, wash all fruit and vegetables reasonably thoroughly.

Don't use the air conditioner -- it's humid, you'll be overloading the electric grid!

Do some work on the computer? Watch TV? Remember to sit back -- 18 inches from the monitor, 2.5. feet from the TV that'll be brain-washing you every few minutes with ads selling you pills, pills pills.

Listen to music? Not too loud -- it's already ruined your ears.

Oh well ... what the hell ...
Be glad you know what's bad ...
So ... go!
Have a ball. and do it all !


Adrienne said...

My best friend has been doling out many of these same warnings for the past 20 years. I've tried to be good, but life is too short to strive for environmental perfection, so I just do the best I can. My grandmother was helping little old ladies onto the bus when she was in her late 90s (they were probably in their early 80s). She lived to 99 and was never sick until the last month of her life. She taught me that health and beauty are directly related to one's attitude.

ladyjayne said...

Great!!! Immensely entertaining, Em!

Kevin Daly said...

The Fun Police do like to rain on our parades a lot more than they used to, don't they?

There's action/reaction for everything. We humans (the royal we) tend to be control freaks and forget to enjoy the ride!

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