Sunday, August 29, 2010


Should you have a gun in your house?

Could you use it?

Would you use it?

John Cullum and Emily talk about the security for their home in Manhattan, remembering the days when a gun would have come in handy.

Their building was not secure. Many things had to be done to the entrance door, and their doors and windows.

Even so, the Cullums continue to wonder whether or not to buy a revolver, and learn to use it.


Carola said...

The scary thing about guns in the home are the accidents that can happen.

Terry Comeau said...

What scares me is domestic violence. You mix alcohol with a controlling, abusive personality & someone just might be shot.

There a lot of women in prison because they snap and can't take the abuse of themselves and / or children anymore.

A lot of times it is an accident because someone is brandishing the gun around to be macho and is inebriated.

How many times have you heard "and then he turned the gun on himself."

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