Friday, August 27, 2010


Oh, I don't like that word -- BUNGLIN G -- how many times have I heard these sentences:
... "The President needs to stop bungling!"
... "Why did President Obama bungle it?"
... "Obama'a a bungler!"
..."Obama didn't do what he should have done -- he bungled it."

Good God! We elected the strongest, most energetic, most truthful, logical, educated, passionate candidate -- gave him the presidency, because he was, far and away, the best person for the job.

Why do we need the newspapers, magazines, the media, our friends, the discussions, the polls, the interviews, the comments over and over -- opinions of secondary, unimportant others who are striving for something -- a job in government, a better contract with their employer, notoriety, publicity for themselves and their plans for getting elected, or whatever?

I could write this post about any of the sixteen, twenty, men and women who are doing guest spots, and point out how they're conniving, vying for, wedging themselves into the limelight for personal gain -- not because they are patriotic and want to serve the country.

What's patriotism? It's vigorously supporting your country and being prepared to defend it. Why can't we be patriots and get behind this President, and support him?

If you think he's possibly wrong, think before you blurt it out and fire up your friends who want to be fired up, need to be fired up, because they don't really understand what's going on.

Do you?

President Obama cannot solve quickly, the problems he inherited from previous presidents, all men whom we elected, applauded, agreed/disagreed with, but re-elected. He needs time, advice, support, research, small steps, affirmation, before taking major large steps that will affect everyone in the country, maybe everyone in the world.

Putting our brains and energies and thoughts right now into who ought to be the next new president is ridiculous, negative, unpatriotic.

What we are doing is putting into the mind of our strong, young leader, the thought that he's already undoubtedly had -- strengthening the thought that right now in America, a black man cannot be president and have the support of his party, or the people who elected him.

Stop! Look! Listen! We are at a dangerous crossing. We can lose what we gained -- the incredible victory, the change in so many men and women that enabled Americans to put their trust in a man, elect a man, who is not white, to lead the country.
This is the way the world is. White is not the best, or biggest, largest most important color/race to be.


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