Sunday, August 22, 2010


John Cullum and Emily Frankel discuss the value and importance of being "good-looking" -- how it affects your career.

In show business there are exceptions. John reminds Emily about what happened to her, how her life changed after after one audition.

Yes, these days, when it comes to getting a job in the business world, how you look is perhaps more important than education or intelligence. In theater and films it continues to be a combination of looks and drive.

John discusses various well-known actors and how their imperfections -- in terms of height, for instance -- affected them, and inspired them to work harder and expand their horizons.


R.T. said...

You two "are" a beautiful couple an I must say you hit this one right on the head...I am 58, bald, and 5'8" tall. You bet, three strikes and I'm out, and nearly unemployable in my field! There surely is discrimination based on what's on the outside before anyone takes time to find out what we have to offer from the inside. It is a terrible hurdle many face, being unattractive and in many cases over weight, can kill your chances for a job in any field of endeavor. Another great topic to give us pause! Thank you for being there. I appreciate your commitment to your A.I.R project. Sincerely, Randy Johnson

Carola said...

A charming video that has real sweetness to it in spite of the difficult topic

Carol Mayo said...

I so love these visits with you two! You ARE a beautiful couple, and funny and charming and very dear. And as for "lookism", I have known several women - actresses - who were not really beautiful, but they made the world think they were by the way they carried themselves and faced the world. AND I have known some of both genders who felt burdened by their good looks and wanted so much to be known by something more that their beautiful faces. "Tis a
conundrum, always. But for you and John, beauty and love just shine out of you both - a joy to watch!

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