Sunday, September 19, 2010


John Cullum and Emily discuss critics -- how rave reviews inhibit you, how bad reviews stay in your head.

John describes how a panning (a long time ago), seriously bothered him but a rave continued to haunt him for years.

They recall an embarrassing but amusing social occasion with Clive Barnes. When Frank Rich was the drama critic for the "NY Times," John remembers the opening night terror in the hearts of cast and producer, because Rich often "killed" plays.

It's not surprising that Emily, J.C. and their actor son, JD, have developed "The Cullum Family way" of handling all reviews.

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I enjoyed your video,it was candid and warm and one could feel the love and respect between the both of you. The best advice given to me about reviews was from my teacher Mark Murphy " Keep the good and throw the bad awaaaaay."

Linda Ciofalo

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