Thursday, September 23, 2010


If I had a darling dog or a sweet cat, by now I'd have mentioned it.

I have a man in my life whom I mention because he's a "name" that many of my blog readers probably recognize. And I have a pattern on Em's Talkery -- Sundays I post a vlog of the two of us chatting about this and that.

About ten minutes ago, John Cullum, my husband, handed me two photos -- he's been in Knoxville, Tennessee, receiving an award from the University of Tennessee, as one of their a distinguished Alumni. His family lives in Knoxville, and someone gave him a picture of him at age 16.

Whoops -- it brought tears to my eyes.

One of his brothers-in-law took a picture of JC as he received the award. And made the tears roll.

Before Knoxville, he'd been in Los Angeles playing the Granddaddy on the television show, "The Middle." Altogether he was out of town for ten days.

I missed him; when I am working on a post for my blog, I read it aloud to him. His actor ear hears every word, gets every nuance, and when he doesn't get my intention, back to the computer I go (irritated, his criticisms are accurate and annoying), and of course I rewrite.

There's the boy,
there's the man,
and it's September
and the weather is lovely,

and Em's Talkery is a place
for talking about
important and unimportant things.

So here's the boy -- he looks like our son, JD. And there's my guy with the award.
I showed this to JC just now and oh my goodness, me oh my -- the picture of the boy is JD at 16, a photo that the "set dresser" for The Middle" used in the show. And I couldn't tell the difference.
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