Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hurray -- shall we wave little flags, toss the confetti, toot the little horns?

Ninety years ago -- August 26, 1920 -- the 19th Amendment was ratified and women could vote.

Wait a sec! It's not on my calendar -- I just happened to see an article about it on the Internet that listed some of the realities for women today.

She can be president; 20 world leaders are female; we've got 76 congresswomen, 16 senators. (16.8 % of Congress is female). The "Best Director" Oscar went to a woman for the first time this year (7% of last year's 250 top-grossing films were directed by women).

Sunday morning political shows are hosted almost exclusively by males, but of the 148 guest experts invited by the hosts, 20 were women.

Women graduate from college at higher rates than men; females are 3 % of "Fortune 500" CEOs; in law firms, approximately a quarter of law partners are female.

Yes, women have come a long way!

A lot of work has been done by "NOW," the National Organization for Women. It's the largest feminist organization in the nation -- 500,000 members, 500 local and campus affiliates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Two books "Second Sex," (Simone de Beauvior) and "Feminine Mystique" (Betty Friedan), got a giant snow ball rolling UP the hill to equality. Organizations like NOW got us Title IX (equality in sports-funding), legalization of abortion, and ERA passed (though not ratified), but we've got sexual-harassment and violence-against-women laws, equality in the military, and more funding for child care.

That's the laundry list and each item is important, but here's what's getting me: Women and girls, baby girls and older women are into sexy clothes, and the demeanor of the 60's that shouts look at me, desire me, want me!

It commands you to be hot-looking when you walk, stand, sit, talk -- requires you to wriggle into too-too tight jeans, thong underwear, display cleavage and boobs, paint blacker lashes, get puffier lips, buy-buy-buy beautifying potions, diet-pills, and exercise upside-down and inside-out to fascinate/seduce males, females, everyone.

It's saddens me. So much work was done by wonderful women and men, to make us equal.
Oh dear -- I find the slutty love-me-hot-and-ready females repulsive. Even the little little-girls happily dancing -- wriggling, doing bumps and grinds like Mommy does -- make me cringe.

You know, I think we were more equal in our bustles, floor-length-skirts, "S" girdles, high button necklines and shoes.

People opened doors, said please, may I, thank you -- didn't move in too close, made polite conversation, found out what you liked or disliked and carefully got to know you while you were getting to know them and that was a form of equality -- a respect for the facts that made you different people.

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Kevin Daly said...

I saw the musical "Coco" last weekend and there was a particular line that stopped the show (and apparently did the same when Kate Hepburn said it in 1970 to the ingenue regarding her misogynist boyfriend):

"A woman needs independence, not equality. In most cases, equality is a step down."

Do you think that rings true? The old cliche seems to ring true - "We've come a long way, but we still have quite a way to go."

And for the record, I am an old fashioned sucker for class and manners.