Monday, September 27, 2010


I read an article in Time Magazine about Mr. Unpopular, and polls, and it's gotten me angry.

Yep. Polls show that Obama is down. The man who was the "savior" is not the savior anymore. His Gallup Poll approval rating was 68%. Now it's hovering in the mid 40%

More poll-math proves that 1 in 4 Americans has changed his/her mind, and white independents under the age of 30 are primarily the ones who've changed.

The polls are telling us that in the November elections, Democrats are on the brink of a setback, the possible loss of Democratic control of both houses in the Congress.

Oh no!! Oh yes indeed! Polls show that the Republicans are on their way back into power.

(Whew -- as far as I am concerned, that is NOT good news!)

And everyday there's another poll -- we're getting more and more polls that show us, teach us, TELL us to pay more attention to the latest polls.


I think polls are media noise. Polls are another kind of Entertainment Tonight -- gossip about famous pretty people with skilled-guessers guessing will so-and-so divorce/sleep with/abuse so-and-so? Poll questionnaire promulgators just dig for dirt in a different way.

Media noise is a weapon in the war between humans and iPhones, Blackberries, Androids -- the marvelous, do-everything phones that keep you involved with their amazing technology night and day. Media moguls, who are vying to win and own "communication-land" -- every acre, every aspect of it -- are honing their polls to advise/tell/show audiences -- US -- what we are thinking, and what we ought to think.

Polls are questionnaires that PhD experts create to ask pollees (us in selected groups), to check yes or no/approve/disapprove/or don' t care -- about people and things -- candidates, food, medicine, politics, clothes, movies, music, and who's got talent, who or what's 's going to be the number one best.

The Mr. Unpopular article on polls shows approval ratings from last year, from this year, and results based on whites/ seniors/ women/independent voters -- their opinions. The resulting percentage numbers are not based on facts or knowledge. The numbers merely reveal the views of a large number of people in today's changing climate of opinion.

Oh yes, sure -- a poll tells you how your thoughts fit in with thoughts of others. But why does that matter? Why do you care? Should you care, or just think your own thoughts?

I did my own poll, discussing with three people who are pro-Obama, politically and philosophically on the same track as I'm on. All three said they couldn't help wondering if President Obama was doing the right thing.

I couldn't shout -- 'it's the damn polls, stupid media noise brain-washing you -- it's in our ears, and in our thoughts -- DOUBT.'

Shakespeare said:
"Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win ..."


Friends, Romans, countrymen, and Facebookers -- if this November becomes the midterm down time for Democrats, and Democrat's seats in Congress are lost, then the White House will hammer, push, chisel and find a way to move ahead, inch by, as this White House has been doing from day one.

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Linda Phillips said...

Polls are presumably based on actual interviews. I don't pay attention to polls... I vote with as informed a decision as I am capable of making.

They say it is usual for a president's poll number to drop substantially after awhile and then to eventually rise again.

Obama is a Centrist and a lot of people, myself included, expected him to be far more to the Left than he is.

He has accomplished a great deal. Look at the mess he inherited! I admit that I felt he compromised a lot in order to get the Right to join him. We all know that that was a waste of time, given that the Right will do ANYTHING to oppose Obama!

Let's give him more time and see how things go. I feel frustrated with him at times, but given the previous 8 years, prior to his taking office, I would support Obama any day of the week.