Sunday, November 7, 2010


Emily Frankel hasn't told John Cullum what they're going to discuss, but the moment she mentions the name, he remembers that they've discussed Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook before.

John has no time or real interest in social networking. Emily updates him on how her attitude has changed. She's gone from "Eeek! I don't want to join Facebook" to realizing that with Facebook, her blog, "Em's Talkery" has been able to develop a large number of readers.

Emily confesses that she has started a professional page, a fan page in Facebook for "John Cullum," and asks John to take a look, when he has more time. Though John is surprised, he promises that he will.


Linda Phillips said...

So adorable as usual. I just love how you love each other!

Anonymous said...

Not everyone should/ or can be on facebook.
Friend of ours who is a well known author and speaker on Child Psychopathology son got him signed up on facebook to share with family and friends. Well it was a disaster, Dr. B, got way too many inquires from parents seeking consultation from him or some kind of help. When you are well known and people want something from you all the time, it can be crazy making situation for some people. So FB isn't for everyone. XXXOOO H.

All About Christmas Movies said...

Facebook is great. You can use it to find people that share the same interest. You can also see how your friends true beliefs really are. Its also nice to find old friends!

Kevin Daly said...

I've been on Facebook for almost six years and it's a part of my life. It keeps me in contact with people I don't see all the time and like you gives me another platform for my blog. I'm also very careful about what I post, what I say and what pictures go up. No one needs to know everything about me - which should be a golden rule for more who use the site!