Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday I warned guys -- don't get hooked on makeup.

This post is a hush-hush warning for women only, about our daughters, and the next generation, and maybe the next.

Turn back the clock and remember the day, the moment, that you got hooked -- was it nail polish? Was it your mom, your sister opening her compact, patting on powder? Was it the way she dabbed on lipstick -- smack smack, and blotted her lips? Did her way become your way?

I don't wear any makeup. But once a week, when I'm taping videos for Air Broadcasting for a Vlog I do with my husband John Cullum -- on go the bright lights. I behold myself via the camera eye on the monitor of our MAC computer.

Out come my pancake makeup, sponges, pencils, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, rouge, and the umpteen times I've donned makeup for a stage performance is in my fingers and my brain as I proceed, automatically, to pat, puff, draw, and apply the stuff that will make me look my best.

Girls, click the link. (if a guy clicks and peeks maybe it'll help him with his own fixations), and be warned about how a female's obsession with makeup evolved.
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