Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NOVEMBER 2, 2010

This voting day will go away
And be back again another day.
Up a ladder down a tree,
What will be, we will see.
We'll fix, not nix, say yes not no,
Debate, negotiate what's on the slate.
Talk, not balk
And instead, go ahead!

Proceed to fix what we need,
Discuss, not diss, or fuss,
And bit by bit find a way to lend
And send in ideas that are strong --
Not wrong!
Up a ladder down a tree,
What will be, you'll see --
It'll be a win for you and me.

We'll just pursue, figure out what to do.
So the politics war will end.


Carola said...

There was an article in the Science section of the Times today that says there may actually be more compromise than we think, because people who have been demonizing each other will be forced to work together. I hope so.

Linda Phillips said...

If only it were that simple Em. But I enjoyed your poem!!!!! ;-)

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