Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Two years ago we were inundated with sexy, personal headlines about Eliot Spitzer and a prostitute. He resigned as governor of New York State.

Last year, Eliot Spitzer appeared occasionally as a guest commentator on various news shows. When CNN announced he'd be joining the network to host a round-table discussion program with conservative journalist Kathleen Parker, I thought good for him!

The stink of the sandal is still there. But when he was Governor, and after, whenever I've seen him as a guest commentator on various news shows, I think he's exceptionally clear, sharp, right on the point.

For more than 8 weeks, the Parker-Spitzer show has been on CNN week nights, at 8 p.m. Kathleen Parker is a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, a Republican conservative, who's known for bashing the members of her own party -- an interesting contrast to the Democratic Spitzer.

There's a good-size older audience, but the ratings for the age group (25-54), that advertisers want is not good. Though CNN claims they're not worried, there's talk that co-host Parker might be replaced.

On the air, Parker has expressed annoyance with the way Spitzer dominates the show. Last week, she "stormed off the show" in a huff. Though Parker returned two days later and didn't deny that she'd been angry, she muttered sardonically, "I don't storm, I saunter."

Okay -- I admire and respect Eliot Spitzer's opinions, but clearly, he has a problem dealing with women. Like former President Clinton, Spitzer's sexual predilections have been laid out in detail for anyone who's curious.

It's taken time, but the scandal surrounding Bill Clinton has faded. He is a major ambassador in today's world.

Spitzer's skills, like Clinton's, are remarkable. An Obama supporter, Spitzer recently discussed on the air, seven promises the President needs to make in his next speech to the nation. Spitzer's ideas are worth noting. Obama is in a tough spot. He needs media support, and the Parker-Spitzer show could help.

Katheen Parker has said, "I'm a big fan of Barack Obama, not one of those Republicans who want him to fail." She written about President Bill Clinton, and said he should not have been impeached. She believes Anita Hill's allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She's criticized Glenn Beck as a former alcoholic, and said in Beck's last big rally he displayed the "grandiosity of a former addict." She's called Tea Partiers "teabaggers" in an article. She's referred to evangelical Christians in another column as "gorillas," "low-brows," and "oogedy-boogedy." (Definitely, KP has a sense of humor.)

Here my advice, Mr. Eliot Spitzer. You made mistakes. You and your wife Silda are back together -- you've said you see each other every day and every night. Obviously marriage counseling has helped. She's working on her projects and you are working on yours. Maybe you've rebuilt your sexual relationship with Silda ... maybe you haven't. In any case, you have paid a huge price for not being able to communicate with your wife.

You've got an interesting, good partner on the show. Share your passion for truth with her -- hear her -- don't just come to your own conclusions -- hear and deal with what Kathleen Parker says and feels. Let her speak. the two of you could be a dynamite news team.

Silda stuck with you. I'm not sure CNN will. But if you can make room for Kathleen Parker and her ideas in your mind, your show will be a show that a larger audience and I will want to listen to every night.
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