Sunday, December 19, 2010


John Cullum loved the OZ books. He describes how he prayed, as a kid, that he would never ever forget how great the OZ books were.

Emily, knowing his interest in the Bible, asks if it was his favorite book. JC talks about the Bible stories that were told to him over and over. -- how some of them frightened him -- how he knew them by heart.

Then Shakespeare came into his life. John explains how it happened, and how he was astounded, fascinated, riveted, when he read "Hamlet." It was when he studied the part of "Marcellus," which he was hired to play, that he realized the power of words.


Carola said...

I too loved the Oz books as a child. My favorite was Ozma of Oz. I wonder which one was John's favorite.

Linda Phillips said...

Loved this but where was the kiss?

Kevin Daly said...

I've been lost in books my whole life. Some of my favorites as a child: Charlotte's Web, The Phantom Tollbooth, Oz and The Hobbit. One of the great pleasures is re-reading those books as an adult. You get so much more out of them with experience, it's quite lovely.

My favorite books now: East of Eden, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Winds of War, Ragtime and a slew of other greats. One year I gave Craig Ferguson's debut novel "Between the Bridge and the River" to all my friends for Christmas. A delight!

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