Friday, December 17, 2010


Do we, did we ever play around?

Why am I opening this subject? Because I wrote about Tiger Woods playing around. And also, I was uploading a new video for our Airbroadcasting Channel on You Tube -- we've been getting so many compliments from strangers as well as friends, about what a loving couple we are.

Playing around was in vogue when we were "in vogue" -- pictures and articles about us were in Newsweek, in the NY Times; we were mentioned quite often in gossip columns, and seen in the chic places with other "names."

Did we play around? Not really, but ... well, we were a very pretty, good-looking, lovey-dovey couple and ... well ...

Click and read about JC and Em playing around.

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Linda Phillips said...

I truly can not imagine the two of you getting into any kind of "scene"/"orgy" or any version of that!

I think you love each other way too much and respect each other way too much.... I would be totally shocked if you had said that you had...and frankly...if you HAD...I seriously doubt that you would have been writing about it on your blog!

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