Sunday, December 12, 2010

MARRIAGE (video)

Because there's such a hullabaloo about marriage, now that Prince William of England has announced that he and Kate Middleton, his girlfriend of eight years, are getting married, everyone is talking about "marriage."

Some are loudly proclaiming that people aren't marrying -- that marriage isn't necessary any more.

Emily thinks it's because the times have changed, the sense of morality has changed, and the benefits of legal marriage are less.

John wonders what the numbers are -- how many young people get married, how many don't. Emily doesn't want to discuss numbers. She is just glad that John married her, and John says the kind of thing the Cullums often say to each other, letting Emily know that he is very glad he's married to her.


carola said...

It's a hard thing to explain to my 30-something friends, but marriage involves an extra level of commitment (entanglement you could call it) that gets you through difficult times, both with each other and with outside events.

bodacia said...

I think what John said is so true. Probably the most common misconception about marriage is that if you just find "the right person," everything will fall into place and be perfect. And that's why so many marriages fall apart when faced with any adversity (from within or without).

Marriage is not about romance and roses. It's about caring and respect and perseverance. It's a commitment in the most basic sense. And seeing that commitment through the bad times (as well as just the garden variety not-so-in-love times) makes both people, and the relationship, so much stronger and ultimately brings more intimacy.

I guess I can understand why more people are opting out, and I don't have any judgment about that. But on a personal level, I've found marriage to be very satisfying. :)

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