Friday, February 25, 2011


What's Lady Gaga done to us -- to you, to me, to our families, to the unaffected, as well as those who are affected?

Is Gaga beautiful? No.

Is she startling, interesting, unexpected, daring. innovative, revolutionary, inspiring?

Oh boy -- yes! No! Okay, yes but ... No!

Hmm. Alright. YES!

I looked at the wild stuff Designer Giorgio Armani created for her. Immediately cringed. Immediately, UN-cringed myself, reminding myself -- never pass judgment on GAGA based on your instinctive reaction, which is generationally behind the times.

Wearing a costume more marvelously atrocious than anything even Gaga's most ardent fans, the little monsters, could fathom, or bedecked in something pretty -- her sensibility is consciously madcap stagecraft. It has an eloquence that exemplifies French couture.

Armani, the veteran Italian designer, after saying he felt stifled by his "typical Armani style," expressed his pleasure in the way his outfit for Gaga, last year at the Grammys, bedazzled the fans as she glided down the red carpet in the hoop-skirted, crystal-studded outfit he designed for her.

Armani said: “True creativity knows no bounds. Life has an extra dimension made up of dreams, pleasure, and irony.” I'm not sure what he meant, but clearly he was happy and inspired by the Gaga doctrine -- DO SOMETHING NEW, which is what she says, and does, and hypnotizes others into doing with her and for her.

A Sociology Professor at the University of South Carolina, who teaches “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame,” has told his students -- "If Gaga won’t remain static long enough to be dissected, then we will dissect ourselves dissecting her."

So ... I got a compliment today from my friend Kevin, who tweets daily, reviews drama, is a younger generation critic, blogger, teacher of writing, drama, journalism, acting, and God-knows-what else -- Kevin is teaching me how to tweet on

I wrote him, in desperation --"I can't handle tweeting -- I just don't have a P.O.V. -- I am not sure I have one, but I'll try whatever you suggest."

17 hours ago Kevin replied:
"You certainly do have a P.O.V..and it's evident in every one of your blogs and on your Facebook page. I love that you get people talking it up. Twitter, I think, takes a little more getting used to because it's even more instant and in a way more vulnerable. You are more open with your opinions about world events/politics than I tend to be ... Em, I don't know many in your generation who are as interested in learning about social media and blogs as you are. My own parents give me looks like I'm talking about neurosurgery when I mention it. I think that instantly gives you points and puts you in the "cool" column."

Wow! I'm in! I'm current! I am generationally involved now with NOW. I feel like I've been given a GAGA G-R-A-N-N- Y Award.


Anonymous said...

Em.. Tweeter,Congrats, exploring the whats new is an adventure but it also allows you to shape and work out whats best for you and how to use it effectively which is different from having it use you. Your GAGA G-R-A-N-N-Y Award was delightful.

xxxxoooo Heather

Anonymous said...

Em: Being a teacher myself I love the way you relate. You ask questions and delve into whatever it is you want to know, answering the questions yourself or like with John having him answer the question...His analysis of how to read a script was so precise. I thought of this Star Trek episode I saw with a friend the other night. The captain is a woman... She's OK but the episode lacked a clear story... It was all muddled.