Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Are you still interested in smoking?
When you see a group outside smoking,
do you cross the street, or walk by them slowly, enjoying the odor, the camaraderie?

Here's a link to e-cigarettes, but don't bother clicking it unless you're curious about what it costs -- the start up kit costs $70.

'The Website for these e-cigarettes says: "Using 100% American-made ingredients at an FDA-registered facility, 'Blu' applies strict quality control standards. It does not burn or use tobacco, or the smoke, ash, and smell associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. It provides the user with a small dose of nicotine and flavoring while allowing the user to satisfy their smoking needs."

The Website includes testimonials from happy customers, and explains: "It can be purchased by anyone who is 18 years of age or older. The e-cigarette works with a small rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge. When you inhale (drag on the cigarette), it activates the cartridge, which vaporizes the solution into vapor that looks like smoke but disappears in seconds. The tip of our e-cigarette is blue so that if you are smoking in a 'no smoking' area, it lets people know you are smoking an electronic cigarette."

Friends and readers, please don't get seduced by any of this! If you've given up smoking don't try an electronic cigarette -- you'll get hooked again!

All brands of e-cigarettes contain nicotine in a liquid form, and despite the "we're protecting you" wording about how safe it is, e-cigarettes are addictive and cancer causing.

The FDA says cancer risk in humans is REDUCED by e-cigarettes where nicotine inhaled per puff is much less than [about one tenth] in a cigarette puff, but one tenth is still dangerous. SMOKING CAN KILL YOU.

Here's David Letterman, trying e-cigarettes with Katherine Heigel.


Anonymous said...

It's like all the weight loss fads... A fad. Unless it truly works... You do bring up a very good point though... Wouldn't it reel you back in??? Once you are, always you are? I was always too much of a good girl to try smoking... Or drinking... So who knows one day I might break and have to find a vice. I'll remember this. :)

Carola said...

I had dinner with a friend who was smoking one. She had to keep explaining to the waiters that it was an electronic cigarette. For people who are already hooked and not looking to quit, perhaps it's not such a bad thing?

Linda Phillips said...

I smoked from the age of 12. I never thought I could give it up. I finally did in my 40's. I used Nicorette Gum...and finally the patch...when it came out. I chewed that stupid gum for 7 years..waiting for the patch. On rare occasions, while I was just chewing the gum, I would bum a cigarette. The patch was what really did it for it is so gradual and nicotine addiction is so hard to overcome.

Now when I am anywhere near a person who has smoked, I literally get sick smelling it on their clothing. I can get a migraine, just from smelling someone who wreaks of nicotine.

I never smelled it during all of those years that I smoked. Now I am hyper sensitive to the odor.

I was never hypnotized to stop, but the irony is that if I envision the sense of inhaling, I feel a distinct discomfort in my throat and chest.