Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In case you don't know who she is, Miley Cyrus is a "Disney" television series star, who has become very famous.

I watched a film clip of Miley Cyyus, as she was leaving the 1011 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards , just after her fans voted and chose her as their favorite actress.

It was Miley's sixth win of this award, since she debuted as "Hannah Montana," a Disney series, back in 2006. In the show, Miley played a 15-year- old, who was living a secret double-life as a teen pop star.

After last year's awards show, Miley wept. This year, she swept out grandly in a high-fashion gown, while hundreds of her fans reached up, hoping just to touch her or her skirt.

What I saw on the film clip (attached below), got my professional, show-biz adviser brain sparking -- yelling, "Hey Miley, for Godssake -- you're playing Hannah Montana in real life! The way you said, 'duh' and 'awesome' -- there was boredom, and a brush 'em off condescension in your facial expressions and tone.

Yesterday I saw photos of you showing off your new tattoo -- number five -- and read about the "just breathe" tattoo inked on your rib, the word "love" inside your ear, a tiny heart on your right hand, and I remember the furor, the scandal when Vanity Fair published a topless-looking photo of you, though you swore you weren't topless.

Yes, you're too "old" to continue being a "teen star," but why not share this with your audiences? Throw away Hannah Montana. And share an aspect of the real, sometimes tremulous, sometimes not confident you, with us.

The word for what's missing is "vulnerability." It's sad, that at eighteen, you are already too grown up to let us see or hear what makes you vulnerable.

You've recorded hit albums, singles, been in a movie, performed in huge venues, have millions of fans, been nominated 71 times, and won 59 awards. At the end of this month, you are embarking on a world tour that you've named, "My Gypsy Heart Tour."

I know you're hoping that the songs that you wrote, songs you've created, will launch you, and establish you as a star for adult audiences all over the world -- not just for teens. That's a very big undertaking, -- it will take a lot of courage to let your "Gypsy Heart" take the stage night after night, and express who Miley Cyrus has become.

Leave Hannah Montana home, Miley. As this clip, and other film clips show, you don't need her.


Linda Phillips said...

That video was just dreadful. She showed no humanity at all. I can't even find appropriate words to describe what it was, but it was ugly. She seems to have no sense of self, just an arrogant parrot. A pity that a person so young is already so messed up. Will she be the new Lindsay Lohan? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Success at a young age seems strange, with Disney you are merely a commodity to be sold and success is determined by a false sense of what is value. Success are determined by your handlers, it becomes in itself a measure of an illusion you begin to believe. Eighteen is very young, even if you think you're all grown-up and even if the syncophants and advisors that have an agenda to make money off you, tell you what you want to hear. There are many talented people in many fields, but when you are young, without adult guidance or a foundation to build on who you are,knowing what your options might be establishing what's important to you. How will you will develop not only your talents but to determine what is a measure of success but also have the opportunity to develop as a human being that grows into a individual with value beyond what's typical measure of success in any field, this is a struggle for all people. I wish this young woman a good life and hope she has real friends and family to help her keep it 'real'.