Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've been reading about a guy in what can be a scarily empty vast field -- Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei -- the big praise in a London Gallery for his "100 Million Porcelain Seeds." And Ai Weiwei's disappeared, maybe in a detention center somewhere, because he publicly denounced the 2008 Beijing Olympics as propaganda.

Ai Weiwei's art -- bronze replicas, animal heads -- will be on display outside Central Park nest month. He's got 78,000 followers on Twitter. He says that he asks questions through objects he creates. Communist China's officials do not like questions.

Weiwei's disappearance has focused international attention on the current bout of repression in China.

That photo is of a guy arranging leaflets for a one of Ai Weiwei's canceled exhibits. My blog's supporting or putting down this and that -- bashing Beck, Trump, and silly shoe styles, worrying about Muslims, please-and-thank you civilities, Oprah , fracking, etc. -- sometimes I feel like the guy in that empty field arranging leaflets for an exhibit that people can't-won't-don't attend.

But Aii Weiwei's famous for coming back, each time he's been criticized -- his criticisms of Communist China can be heard louder now that he can't be heard at all.

Maybe my ideas won't be noticed or make any difference, or change what people say or do, but the subjects I've written about are in the air, and that breeds thoughts -- breeds words that impel some kind of action -- so nowhere is ... well, it's more or less somewhere, isn't it?

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