Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The show is ... well ... it's not the same. It's not quite as suspenseful, perhaps but ...

But bang -- no more Bin Laden -- royal wedding, Trump, Sheen, tornadoes, floods -- so many life and death things ... Right now, everything seems ... well ... somehow everything feels somewhat different in color/size/importance.

I watched American Idol the other night. Actually, I've never been a regular watcher. I tune in occasionally, to keep track of the latest "Idol" cultural trends which seem about the same this year, as they were last year and the year before, but ... well ... right now, the show seems to be more than ever, about who's the most sexy guy. The soprano squeals emanating from girls in the audience swooning over a male -- this one, that one -- the young, hot looking guys absolutely slayed 'em last night.

And the judges ... Executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe says the judges' opinions don't matter. But like parents, what the judges say or don't say, how they express their approval is ... well ... they're parents!

I miss the hyper-critical Simon Cowell, the British guy who invented the show. He wasn't afraid to tell a contestant his performance was lousy awful, and I miss gushy, effusive Paula Abdul cha-cha wriggling around, making zany, flirty comments.

New judge, Jennifer Lopez ... I'm not a fan, but J'Lo's behaving very intelligently, being quite friendly, down-to-earth in her critiques. Steven Tyler, who seems somewhat dazed or high on something, mostly spouts off unclear word-salads. Randy Jackson, every so often, tries to criticize performers gently, but as a trio ... well ... they're "nice" -- an understanding, pleasant group, that's sort of ho-hum -- teaching, guiding, and inspiring the talented would-be idols.

Actually, I think J'Lo's looks, her fabulously fitted, not immodest, but nevertheless rivetingly revealing outfits, and her surprisingly articulate, professional wisdom, probably does most of the inspiring in Idol 2011.

And then, there are the guest artists -- a new one every week. Oh yes, the talented would-be idols do their stuff, but not until we observe them being coached by a celebrity. Afterward, finally, we get the contestant's big moment -- two minutes of intensely rehearsed, choreographed singing -- belting, weeping, groaning, whispering, shouting, and orgasmic moaning.

Yes, Idol 2011 looks glittery good, but ... well ... If and when Simon Cowell's "The X Factor" talent show begins, I'll watch, but I have to admit, after all the imitators -- America's favorite models, the "biggest losers," the dancers, decorators, hair-dressers, cake-bakers ... well ... I'm not bored, but ... well ...

I have to admit that right now, my hoping, praying, wondering about the real world is distracting me from who's going to be the number one anything in show biz.

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Bobbie Horowitz said...

I don't really watch the whole program anymore. I speed through much of it now that I know what each contestant is about. I used to just speed through the commercials. My heart goes to this panel of judges. I get that they're dear and on the side of the performers. I enjoyed that they're thrown when the public doesn't bother coming out for a brilliant performer. In past years I could almost bet that each season the # 2 winner was the real STAR of the season. I forgot the #1s almost instantly. I only began watching because my friend Sue Matsuki's is friends with Katherine McPhee's mother. We now know Katherine's lovely sister from Salon and other venues. I miss Simon Cowell, because, to me, he's one of the hottest, "funnest" guys to watch. In terms of nurturing these talented young performers, I think the three judges that are on now are excellent.

By the way, have you seen the videos that have lately been emailed around - of the very young singer and dancer from Britain's Got Talent? OMG!