Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Heather, it's very important -- what you posted on Facebook about the Vatican's handling of child abuse issues, and the fact that the Church's study on abuse was greeted with "incurious contempt."

(The word incurious keeps reverberating -- it means lacking a normal or usual curiosity, uninterested).

I think we've been hearing about the subject for such a long time, (I don't have the number at my fingertips but it's been more than a few years) that people are worn out. I've been sensing, and this is just my personal feeling, that people are tired of so many, many things that are being avoided and not dealt with -- like the wrong-doings within the Catholic Church.

I went roaming on your wall, reading current posts, and older ones and saw -- wow -- the areas you are tackling, absolutely need tackling. . But I couldn't click "like" or make a quick comment on any one issue. I just wanted to click, click, click "like" a half-dozen times, and click your name, send thanks to Heather Mash for watching over so many important issues for us.

There's too much to protest -- that's what I am feeling -- in the federal government, state, city, your neighborhood, on the social networks, and I don't know what to do. What can I do, or you do, other than absorb one more wrong thing that's happening?

Also, right now, we're into pre-election politicing -- people carping, arguing, putting down just about everything -- summarizing again and again how wrong everything is that the White House is doing, and how wrong everything is that the Republicans are suggesting.

Heather, this is my frame of mind, but I am justifying my own change in what I'm writing about. So I am hoping you will ignore what I'm saying, and at the same time -- the truth is -- I'm hoping you'll approve, and say enthusiastically, "Yes, go ahead Em!"

I've been writing a new post every day since March, 2009. I started posting on FB in May of 2010. I see that FB "friends," most people with whom I developed what I thought was real communication, have disappeared, are incurious, or gone into "blogging" -- posting stuff that expresses what's on their minds, and to me, much of it seems like "tweeting," (high pitched, peeping, spur of the moment little chirps that are easy to dismiss).

You're not doing that Heather. The shoe doesn't fit, but you have become a real blogger, a reporter, discusser of major political, social issues, and I'm feeling what I've said -- feeling, worn down by so many things that are need fixing..

I don't want to write about Romney, Palin or any Repub candidate, or Weiner's lies and crotch pictures, or Casey Anthony's horrible crime -- not while we're hearing about all that every day, almost every hour. My husband is in final rehearsals for two Shakespeare Plays in Central Park, and I'm working with an editor on re formatting my seven novels into e-books for Kindles. My husband and the editor need my eyes, ears, opinions, throughout the day.

I saw a message from you in my e-mail, just now, and haven't read it yet.

I miss you -- our personal back and forthing about you moving into a new home and me needing a vacation. I know I only need to say "I'm busy, I'm weary," but I see how deeply you are involved in current issues and want to explain why I can't jump on any of the bandwagons with you right now. I'm going to check the current e-book edits, cook a Chinese dish for my husband's midnight supper, and then I'm going to read and enjoy your message about your new house xoxox.
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