Saturday, June 18, 2011


Emily is speedy, and can cook Hawaiian, American, Chinese, and Hungarian style.

But JC, who's meticulously careful and a clock-watcher type of cook, can cook wonderful pork chops, or ham steak, and beautifully fluffy mashed potatoes, and okra.

Em loves his cooking and JC loves the meals she prepares.

I must admit, after I've spent hours at the computer, and then, taken my dally barre, and danced full-out a section of my dance (that's my daily ritual), its utterly delightful for hear the intercom buzzing, and John announcing, "I've got dinner for you, Em, come up and make us our salad!"


Alex Johnson said...

Welcome to Em&JC's Diner! Tell me where it is in NYC, and I'll be there next time I'm over! :)

Terry said...

My dad, who shares JC's birth year and grew up in an even more rural (though not more southern) place, cooked the same way. However, what he really liked to do was cook fancy meals using recipes from the many cookbooks and cooking magazines he had. The problem was, about half way though he'd think, "Oh boy, I bet this would be even better if I threw in some X" and then he'd throw in X and totally ruin the dish. It also never occurred to him that he needed to have the table set in time for the meal, so he'd call us all to dinner and when we got there, he'd suddenly realize there were no dishes or anything else on the table so we'd all dash around to get the table set before the dish was overcooked or cold or whatever.

I'm really impressed with Em's skill. To be able to cook anything with no advance planning, let alone complex meals, is an incredible talent. If it weren't for hot dogs and microwaves, I would barely be able to cook at all.

How about sharing some original Em recipes?


Linda Phillips said...

Em, you are my kind of cook! I no longer cook for reasons that you are aware of, but when I did, I cooked Em style.

Terry, I love your story!


Terry said...

I almost forgot my dad's two meal-time rules: (1) Whoever cooked, cleaned up; and (2) Whoever didn't cook, cleaned up. Which rule was in effect at any given time depended on whether he did the cooking.

Guess which one was in effect when he cooked.


Carola said...

I like the idea of boullion and caraway to dress up plain rice. I must try it. I am not a cook. I put food on the table every night because it's healthier (and cheaper) than takeout food or eating out, but I don't enjoy it. And I only have two or three dishes that I feel confident enough to feed to guests.