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(American film director, film producer, writer and artist

This 'BLUE GIRL WITH WINE" painting by Tim Burton, and 700 pieces of Burton's art, are currently on display at the L.A. County Museum. Last month, his 700 pieces were on display at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, where they say it was one of the most popular shows ever presented.

Is it because Burton's art is great? Or is it because Burton's a name as director and producer of big budget movies, (such as "Alice in Wonderland," "Beetlejuice," "Edward Scissorhands." "Batman," etc.)

I am not bowing to, or huzzahing Picasso and Matisse, though they are certainly among the world's "great artists." 'I like Matisse's lady in a flowery hat, and the Picasso face is quite interesting, but ...

I guess it depends on how you define "art." Art to me, is something you want to look at again, and again. and I like paintings that tell a story.

Actually, each time I've looked at "Blue Girl With Wine," I enjoy it more. Most of Tim Burton's pieces suggest some kind of story -- a vision, a drama I can identify with somehow.

Huh? Am I saying I prefer Burton to Picasso?

Yep! But my opinion can easily be ignored. I paint -- I've painted about 30 pictures, but I'm not an expert.

Do I like my own paintings better than Tim Burtons? Actually, after I paint 670 more, I just might pick my own stuff. I guess it depends on your definition ART. Click and have a look,

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