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(American film director, film producer, writer and artist

This 'BLUE GIRL WITH WINE" painting by Tim Burton, and 700 pieces of Burton's art, are currently on display at the L.A. County Museum. Last month, his 700 pieces were on display at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, where they say it was one of the most popular shows ever presented.

Is it because Burton's art is great? Or is it because Burton's a name as director and producer of big budget movies, (such as "Alice in Wonderland," "Beetlejuice," "Edward Scissorhands." "Batman," etc.)

I am not bowing to, or huzzahing Picasso and Matisse, though they are certainly among the world's "great artists." 'I like Matisse's lady in a flowery hat, and the Picasso face is quite interesting, but ...

I guess it depends on how you define "art." Art to me, is something you want to look at again, and again. and I like paintings that tell a story.

Actually, each time I've looked at "Blue Girl With Wine," I enjoy it more. Most of Tim Burton's pieces suggest some kind of story -- a vision, a drama I can identify with somehow.

Huh? Am I saying I prefer Burton to Picasso?

Yep! But my opinion can easily be ignored. I paint -- I've painted about 30 pictures, but I'm not an expert.

Do I like my own paintings better than Tim Burtons? Actually, after I paint 670 more, I just might pick my own stuff. I guess it depends on your definition ART. Click and have a look,


Linda Phillips said...

The Burton "Blue girl with Wine"looks a little like work by Jim Dine, who was the father of Pop Art. I personally don't relate to it. I generally like art that is not that hard edge. I like warm and fuzzy as a rule.

I love Tim Burton as a director, but having only seen this small representation of his work I don't know if I could really relate to his art.

Matisse is my all time favorite and I saw all of the Matisse shows as well as all of the Picasso shows when I still lived in NY.

I collect art, in a small way. I have some originals. I only have Matisse prints, but I have MANY! I just love Matisse, obviously.

I would need to see more of Burton's work to make a true assessment. I suspect that I would find it very interesting and amusing, but it would not be the kind of art that I would ever want to own.

Paul Mendenhall said...

I wouldn't buy any of them, because they aren't images I would want to live with. But that's true of most great art. They are just too overwhelming to have in your face all the time. But then, I'm weird that way. I had an apartment once with nothing on the walls. I was getting so much pressure from friends to put things up, I finally did, and a week later I took them all down again. I preferred the empty space. I think it is just that my own imagination is always working overtime, and too much sensory input conflicts with that. I saw an Italian villa once that a designer redid as his home, and he had empty picture frames on the walls. I loved it!

carola said...

I like the Tim Burton art too - especially the blue lady.

Dhiraj said...

Great post. If sensibilities are finetune we can enjoy anything and that a blessing.
Tried my hand on Picasso Matisse at