Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hot summer days have always inspired John Cullum and Em to go down the road.

Vacations weren't planned, we'd just get in the car with a few toilet articles in a shopping bag, and hit the highway. Everything was spur of the moment. It was fun, not knowing where we'd end up -- Connecticut, upstate New York, New Jersey, or maybe somewhere in Long Island.

Our chariot was a four-door Plymouth with more than 200,000 miles on it, that we'd bought for $100. Aside from the fact that it ate oil, the Blue Beatle required none of the special attentions you gave to a car you bought for real money.

Click, and come with us on one of our adventures.


Anonymous said...

Dear Emily:
Lol! I enjoyed your video today. Brought back memories of vacations my parents took me on growing up in Kansas. They drove me in an old wooden paneled station wagon from Independence, Kansas all the way to NY city several times in the 50's and 60's...great memories going...."down the road!" Thanks-great job-both of you! :)Kathleen McGee

Carola said...

Yes, I know the joy of setting out on a road trip across the west or a section of the west not knowing what you'll find or where you'll sleep that night. It must be even more of a joy when you don't normally drive and you are locked on an island in a big city.

Anonymous said...

Great watching and listening to you Emily and John! Brought back good memories with your vivid descriptions of "going down the road!" Thanks for sharing!
Kathleen in Kansas

Linda Phillips said...

How delightful! I could hear police sirens in the background (of the video), of all ironies. Are they still after you?