Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My feet are still bare. I'm wearing short shorts. The sun is shining.

My air conditioner's purring.

Gnats are visiting. Banished temporarily with a perfumed kill-em, that I shouldn't be breathing in but I do -- rather breath it than scratch bites.

Still got summery wander lust -- feel like going for a walk when I ought to be working.

I already ordered my new calendar but it hasn't arrived.

My summer exercise outfit's hanging on the jogging machine that sits, unused, in the rear of my dance studio. The studio's exhaust fan is hooked up, just in case it gets over 80 degrees.

Yes I'm still summering. but with the day, the date, the word S-e-p-t-e-m-b-e-r comes gray, grayish things of weather, chores, doings, clothes, pleasures, approaching events -- brown and gold leaves, orange pumpkins, turkey days, Xmas decorations, Happy New Year.

I want to hang on tight to today, the ease, the soft breeze and easier living, visions of high golden fields, richly petaled red, blue, lavender, purple blooms.

And outdoor feasting, grills hot dogs, hamburger, steak, potato salad, cobs of corn, ice cream, iced drinks, people in sunglasses lolling on the beaches, reading, swimming, tossing, batting balls.

I didn't do any of that this summer, but summer means all that to me because that's what I have seen and that's what I feel like when the weather is balmy-- my do it now, get it done, hurry up, keep going, get there inner motor just unwinds, or slows down, or maybe it takes a rest, restfully slows ... gets slower, changes pitch --plays a softer, legato, lullabying melody.

So yes, summer is going. and I'll keep going,
doing my work, creating, like mother naturem a safe place for what I am ...
a shaped poised child who's privileged by what I inherited from my family and the thousands of dreams I dreamed and garnered from living though many seasons -- keep going with the balmy warming moments that can be found almost every day no matter how cold it may get before nest summer arrives.


Anonymous said...

Emily-your description of summer days makes me wish it would last alittle Kansas in the summertime we make homemade ice cream. The evenings are getting cooler and I watch the rabbits, squirrels, and deer find food near our back yard. In September the pumpkin patches fill up ready for October pumpkin lovers. And I sip on hot apple cider with a stick of cinnamon in it as I wait for the fall leaves to change colors. I love the fall!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Larry Enright said...

Very nice, Em. :)

Linda Phillips said...

Lovely and poetic!

eddie rotten said...

I can smell the hot dogs on the grill after reading that. Summer truly is a wonderful time of year. I remember the feeling I would get on the last day of school, before summer break. I get it every Friday now in anticipation for the weekend. All in all, be pleased that you are part of the select few that appreciate the memories each summer leaves for us. As Hamlet would say, " Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Carola said...

I'm glad I don't have to cope with mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

Am I ready for summer to end? Yes, when it's over 100 degrees out. I wear shorts and scrub tops so I keep summer in my heart all year round and look like a summer flower ready to bloom! Lol! I love October and the Halloween costumes the children wear, eat too much turkey and dresssing at Thanksgiving, and sing Christmas songs Nov 1st when the radio in Kansas starts playing them. So, I guess I am ready to give up summer and wait for snow! kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Anonymous said...

Emily, you are a poet, this was another wonderful read. Love and hugs, H.