Friday, September 2, 2011


Time Magazine is war- mongering.

SHE -- a bit thick-waisted, in heels, with her mop like a flag -- looks resentful; HE -- holding the baby and baby's bottle -- looks compliant, and cooperative.

The magazines's managing editor, Richard Stengel, says "I'll wager that there is no one who is married and employed who does not have this conversation -- heck an argument -- with his spouse about who does more at home and at the office."

Hey, Rick Stengel, c'mon, that's out of date!

War between the sexes? Why sell it now? Why feed us baloney on how it's more so, worse so now, and who's winning, and why?

What's the purpose of encouraging this focus on the numbers, the theories, psychological, sociological mumbo-jumbo that explains why males and females are different, and who's working harder, earning more, and do they deserve it?

The various take-off-your-clothes issues are well-covered by movies and television, and pop performers, who are demonstrating wildly, passionately, how to be uninhibited, utterly crude, grunting, screaming, dancing -- shimmy-shimmying their way to way-way over the top acting that's rocks us, socks us in the gut -- oh boy, does it ever!

Males and females in relationships -- legal, illegal, gay, straight, AC-DC or any variation thereof, aren't arguing about who does more work. They might argue/discuss who pays the bills, but that's just like talking about the weather.

Maybe it's good sign, maybe things are getting back to normal -- maybe there's no shocking latest horror, scandal, lies, cheating, thievery, slander to tout -- nothing we ignore except war horrors, and war is in that Do-Nothing-Arena where we do nothing but attack the White House for doing nothing, or attack the Republicans for building Do- Nothing into an sky-high, insurmountable wall.

I am bored with this baloney. I wrote a post about this nine months ago -- peruse Sheconomy Versus Heconomy 12/6/10.

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