Saturday, September 24, 2011


If you are planning to move to New York City, bring your tools.

Why? Because when things break down in New York, you can spend hours and hours trying to get help, get what's not working fixed or replaced -- and things do wear out --windows won't open, doors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms develop problems, appliances break down,

John Cullum describes his recent labors around their home, explaining that you need to know how to jerry-rig things. His advice: " Get a book, and make sure you have tools." Aside from the fact that service people in New York cost anywhere between $80 and $150 an hour, it can take weeks to get a fixer, or a broken part replaced.


Anonymous said...

Dear Emily: You and John make a WONDERFUL repair team! Lol! You both enhance each other's gifts and talents as it shows in the many repair stories you tell. How blessed your house is to have you both able to work together so well! One time we had our water bill going up and up, so my mom called a plumber and he came and SAID he checked the toilets and everything...and told us he could fix the problem for $10,000 but would have to tear our walls and flooring up! SO I DECIDED TO FIX IT MYSELF. I PUT 3 DROPS OF BLUE DYE IN EACH TOILET and found it was a slow leak. I took the back tank off and found the flapper was not sealing and old. I bought 2 new flappers for under $5.00 and made the repairs...AND IT WORKED AND I FIXED IT! Lol! Besides saving alot of money, I felt soooo proud!!! kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

I'm like you: I can analyze the design of things and how they work, but I am very clumsy and unintelligent with my hands. That's why we are both good at computers - which requires reasoning things out without using our hands. (When it comes to repairing computer hardware, I am a disaster.)

steven cates said...

Emily, I have been single all of my life, but if I could have a partnership and marriage like you and John have, I would be on top of the world. What a great team you are! I admire the both of you so much!