Sunday, November 27, 2011

BAD GUYS (video)

No doubt about it -- the Cullums can't stop complaining about the major corporations, they don't trust.

Top of the list of un-favorite things are the guys who are promoting, with carefully constructed campaigns, reasons for us to support them, buy their products, and buy into the idea that they are altruistically helping us lead better lives.

Yes, it's Halliburton, Oil Companies, and Fracking.

Plus, our friends say they hate: Dems, Repubs Do-Nothing Politicians, Bank of America, Time Warner, Monsanto, Subcommittee in DC, Comcast. Talipia, Blue Fin GMO Fish, High Fructose Syrup. Planned Parenthood, Penn Football Coach, Godfather Pizza, Russ Limbaugh, Skinny Fashion Models, Herman Cain, Religious Zealots, Coco-Cola, Doomsday Predictions.

Even so, John's pet hate is medical ads. Em hates their mattress. John tries, but can't comfort Em when she calls the manufacturers "Big fat Liars!"

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