Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is creeping in -- into our language, into our day-to-day feelings, into what we do for fun, and what we talk about seriously.

Do you trust the written word? I don't.

News reports? do you trust them? Are we being told everything?


Is what we are being told shaded by the guy who's conveying the facts?

Definitely yes.

Do you trust authorities, experts, past presidents, authors, generals, statesmen, financial whiz guys, inventors (like Steven Jobs)?

No. I think they're conveying what they believe and what they want us to believe.

Do you trust banks, car manufacturers, and hey -- do you trust doctors?

Holy smoke, who do you trust?

The current White House? The President?

(I'm hearing mmms, and maybes, lots of I dunno's.

What about the food you buy? Canned goods? Johnson and Johnson products? Drugstore brands?

No, no, no.

Nothing can be trusted. There are thousands of hands that are involved and they can't all be washed, and they belong to bodies that are attached to brains of individuals,. and each individual who lives now, has the un-sureities, insecurities, doubts -- experiences that I've had that makes me unsure of everything I've mentioned thus far.

Golly, we weren't unsure -- we flew, we soared around when we elected Obama. But now, with the media spider spinning its web, telling us how to feel, what to feel, what not to feel, what's new, what's old, what's right and wrong, we are trapped. Because the media spiders themselves are disillusioned, trapped in the spider webbing of the advertisers, big spiders, who are trapped in the corporate communal web spun by groups of spiders -- giant mesh nets that are covering land, buildings. whole cities, whole states even.

The sense of feeling free, able, capable of standing on our own two feet has been squeezed, pressed down into a lump.

We've got a stuck Congress, a president who can't move, a lot of unreal hot air talk about taxes and debt ceiling and health care that make people who can't get jobs seem like ants, tiny living creatures worrying about survival underneath the giant mesh blanket that's laying on top of our daily world.

Hey hold on -- I am one person. Many "one" persons, single persons, are feeling what I'm feeling.

Like me they're sad about people not working and confused by the liars, cheaters, dissimulators, whose best seller book -- words, articles, on-camera opinions and misinformation -- are smack dab everywhere.

Okay , I'll name some good things.
[1] My books are going to be published.
[2] As I blogger, I have figured out better what I ought be writing about.
[3] Things that cross my mind that I am feeling and express, are things that others are feeling. Yes, it helps me if I say what's on my mind, and it helps them to hear that what they're feeling is also bothering me

So my disillusionment creates a unity, and in unity the illusion of beauty, good things, hopeful things becomes reality.
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