Wednesday, November 23, 2011


John Cullum's "Thanksgiving" Email to Em:

I am from a large Southern family of which my mother was the matriarch, and every Thanksgiving was an big, exciting affair with aunts and uncles and cousins, some of which I only saw once a year. Emotions were high, and along with love and good spirits were moments of family squabbles of epic and frightening proportions that sometimes resulted in enduring resentments. This tradition still continues with my nieces and nephews and though we may not give as much thought as we should to the pilgrims and indians, it’s a time when our different families renew their connections to each other and that’s a lot to give thanks for.

But the most memorable Thanksgiving dinner for me was the one a young redheaded dancer made for me in her Artist In Residence studio in New York City. It wasn’t a turkey, just a large chicken, and it never occurred to me that this gorgeous girl could even cook, but boy, she could – all the trimmings, fresh cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables and all. I could hardly believe it. There she was, the best dancer I had ever seen, gracefully whirling around a tiny kitchen, whipping up a dinner as good as any I had ever eaten, and all for me. Never had a Thanksgiving meal been made exclusively for me and me alone, and with such love. It was an experience I couldn’t walk away from. And I never did. I guess Emily decided if I was going to keep hanging around, she might as well marry me. Which she did.
John Cullum

Thought this might please you, Em. Your loving hubby.

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holy minorka catfish what a loving darling hug thrill tickle delight this gives me. Very truly yours, your wife


Ameer S. Washington said...

That's so awesome. Lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

Very lucky. And he still holds onto the memory, which is very sweet.

LaurenYarger said...

That is so unbelievably sweet.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful love letter to you Emily! John is such a great writer especially when it comes to you. You are blessed with a loving, happy husband who loves your cooking, dancing, and writing. What more could you ask for?
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Linda Phillips said...

LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and John!

Carola said...

What a wonderful snapshot of that Thanksgiving day. Thank you for being willing to share it.

grammakaye said...

Awww simply beautiful, completely sincere ~ how precious is this memory. Thank you for sharing with us.