Wednesday, November 9, 2011


When pressure is on you to do something -- start it, finish it, make a decision, confront an issue -- you're immobilized.

There are two yous -- Grownup you, and Child you.

Grownup Em has had experiences, learned the rules, and coped with many things.

Child Em has needs, fears, impractical dreams, and expectations. She often feels quite small, vulnerable, and not very capable.

Child Em panics. Wants to hide, or sleep, or watch a dumb TV show.

Grownup Em tells Child Em what to do, or not do, and calms her by pointing her in a direction.

If you remind the child, parentally -- patiently, logically, lovingly -- the child feels safer, and can even handle rather scary things. Therefore, the Grownup-you needs to guide the Child-you into "Tackle one thing at a time."

The Grownup knows how to organize disorder into an orderly sequence of activities.

Like -- "One two, button my shoe,
Three, four, close the door,
Five, six,. pick up sticks.
Seven, eight, close the gate.
NINE -- you're fine!
Ten is not the "big fat hen,"
It's just the end.

So LOVE your child and coddle your child,
Tell the child in you it's okay.
Help the child push worries away.
Banish, make vanish all the fears --
And strongly advocate "no tears!"
The balm is being calm.
It' helps the two yous
Unwind, and re-find
Peace of mind.


Linda Phillips said...

Ha ha ha! I swear that this was written for me at this moment. Thank goodness the grownup me is in charge now.

Anonymous said...

Great blog today Em. Sort of reminds me of "I'm OK-You're OK." Love your drawings! Everyone has a child in them clear into the senior days of life. I tend to let my adult self control my emotions and feelings instead of the child in me. although I still love Christmas time as if a child with the music, lights, and family's being together. I think the fear of dying is the hardest feeling to overcome...part of me refuses to give up and surrender, but like a child I do fear it.
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

Yes--and sometimes when the child-you wants to have some hot cocoa and then just curl up under the covers, indulge her. It's like letting yourself be sick for a day--you'll be better the next day.

Anonymous said...

you must have read my mind...., I have been a child this week. Can I grow up next week?

Anonymous said...

reading this gives me more positive outlook in my life