Saturday, December 17, 2011


John Cullum loves the Empire State Building.

Emily suggests it's his out-of-towner self. The guy from Knoxville Tennessee who read about it, heard about it before he came to NYC, stzres at this building, delights in it whenever they go walking.

Yes, he likes quite a few other buildings in New York City -- mostly famous buildings that tourists flock to see. But John Cullum, who has lived in Manhattan for more than fifty years and loves his own home in the city, nevertheless, remains a tourist.


Anonymous said...

Great blog from 2 wonderful people! Love to hear your walking stories about NYC and all the beautiful buildings there. I could spend days with you both looking at them...glad this all brings back good memories to you both. I remember the Empire State building-so tall and magnificant. kam

Linda Phillips said...

You just made me homesick!!!! I especially love NYC at Christmas time with all of the wonderful windows on 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center....The Empire State lit up in red and green...and on and on...

Denni said...

You two are so cute! I loved listening to your stories. Thanks for sharing!

Carola said...

OK - in no particular order: the Flatiron Building, Trinity Church (esp the way it peeks through the canyons of Wall Street), all the little synagogues (mostly decommissioned) in the lower east side and Chinatown, and, of all things, the Natural History Museum. Yes I know it's an ugly old pile, but I just love it, and it speaks to me of all the magic dioramas inside.

Maureen jacobs said... two have such a great relationship. So very cute. You both inspire myself and hubby. I am having a bit of sleeplessness.....perhaps I should knit.

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