Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Getting a drink of water? -- buy a bottle? Waste your money? It's often filtered tap water. You're cluttering up an already overfull garbage dump -- plastic bottles take years to dissolve.

Heading out for a walk? -- shouldn't you worry about what's in the air today? Is the sky gray from pollutants? If it's sunny -- what about the UV index, got the right SPF cream for your arms, and face?

Want to get a tan? -- NO, not while you're walking, never at the beach --
don't forget, tanning in one of those salons is worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes.

Planning to make a phone call? -- remember, cell phones are ... well, maybe, quite possibly, they're causing cancer.

Going to a meeting? -- traveling in the germ filled subway? Is it better to take a taxi that's eating gas, filling the air with deadly, global warming emissions?

What about a cup of coffee? It reduces the risk of colon cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, gallstones. Hey, coffee is bad for sleep, nerves -- it can even cause rheumatoid arthritis.

Hang around the house? Well, there's a serious worry about Radon. You can't smell it, but it could be there -- it's a killer -- shouldn't you get a radon checking kit and test the place?

Have a snack, eat something? -- not fruit, not veggies that have been sprayed with pesticides -- not meat that's been exposed to antibiotics or growth hormones! And bearing in mind that there's a water shortage, wash all fruit and vegetables thoroughly -- well, reasonably thoroughly -- but don't waste water -- try to use water sparingly.
And don't use plastic cups, plates, or utensils -- they're loaded with toxic BPA (Bisphenol A). As are canned goods, beverage cans, fresh food in plastic wrappings, pet foods, infant formula, as well as copy paper, receipts, labels, airline tickets and film and theater tickets.

If your place is cold, for goodness sake, don't use the oven. Remember, if you use an Electric heater, (or an air conditioner next summer) -- you'll be overloading the electric grid!

Do some work on the computer? Watch TV? They're dangerous, not good for the eyes or the brain. Remember -- sit back -- 18 inches from the monitor, 2.5. feet from the TV -- yes, it'll be brain-washing you every few minutes with ads selling you pills, pills pills.

Listen to music? Not too loud -- it's already probably ruined your ears.

Oh well ... what the hell ...
Be glad you know what's bad ...
So ... go!
Have a ball. and do it all !


Maureen Jacobs said...

Would have, should have, could have.


Auntie Mame says 'life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving'

And 'live, live, live'

Perhaps we should listen to Auntie Mame (I liked Rosalind Russel myself)

Anonymous said...

You listed so much negative it is hard to find the positive! Lol! It is not good to dweel on so many bad things....need to relax and enjoy life. is too short not to. It is ok and good to be aware of all the negative things you listed, but don't forget to count your blessings and try to be content with what we have today. kam

Linda Phillips said...

I'm going to go hide in a closet and never come out again. Well, I will when I need to eat something that is bound to kill me. Ciao!

Kaye Francis said...

Sigh, a very as it would turn out 'timely' & 'ironic' post for the throes of 'strugglenomics' trying to win at gathering in 'basic needs' like groceries ~ I bought up a bunch of hearty canned soups ~ at a bargain price ~ with a long term expiration date. Ah, lunch for daughter & me, after school hearty hot filling soup for put togethers for a quickie dinner meal..........and then it hits....on my tv....'some' soup can manufacturers are said to have this BPH in the lining of the can that can soak into the soup.
* * *
Truth is my heart sank to my stomach & I hated myself....but we gotta eat. Well, I told my daughter what I heard...she too echoed 'we gotta eat'. She told Grand & he said "I'll eat the soup."
* * *
There is so much stuff that holds itself up to worry about these days...makes me want to play that song 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' & for whatever reason some vestige fragment phrase we've been hearing for YEARS about drinkin' the kool-aid or ~ "Don't drink the kool-aid" seems to be reverbing around in my head.
* * *
"We gotta eat" & we are going to eat the soup. Much love to you EM & John. I'm @grammakaye on twitter.