Friday, February 17, 2012


She amazes me. She's got a real talent-- for talking to gatherings of people, large and small, reaching out to them, communicating with them in a down to earth, personal way. You feel her energy, her conviction, see it in her gestures, focus, posture.

What she's says and supports I don't agree with. Am I right and she's wrong? Recently what she's said about women needing guns, about being a Mama Grizzly Bear, about up-and-coming new women in politics-- what she advocates is the antithesis of what's front and center, major to me.

I think Sarah Palin is a powerful woman, who knows what she feels and believes in and has enabled herself to say, do, speak for, reach for, and get what she wants.

President of the United States? I am sure she weighed the possibilities, and saw that it was a wrong thing to reach for in 2012. Perhaps she didn't want to be attached to the Boehner Republicans or the Tea Partiers and how they stand on the big issues-- paying off the debt, taxes, immigration, jobs and "Obama-care."

Why is Sarah Palin on my mind? She's an ex governor, ex vice presidential candidate whom many people love -- it's sort of a Sarah P versus Hillary C thing -- this is the time for a woman to emerge as the number one most important person in the country.

My feeling (not knowledge), my instinct based on what I've seen and heard Hillary say -- Hillary is not thinking "President."

I think Sarah P is. It's just squirreled away temporarily. It's the wrong time for her.

There are too many echoes from what she's said and done before, what's been rebuked, booed, put down by press, critics and fellow Republicans. who can and will support her if she wants to ascend again.

A good cook, good mom, good wife let's things settle, brew, simmer, without throwing out what's cooking on the burner. She's got books, fans, supporters, tweets, a staff, a news show, and rich potential backers who are there for her to heat up again -- re-ignite with Sarah Palin for President 2016.

Since 2009 I have written nine mostly anti Palin posts-- praising her while putting her down, pleasing some think-alike friends, infuriating a lot of my husband's love-Palin family and their friends. Fearless Frankel. That's me. I think we will be dealing with Sarah Palin again, very, very soon.


Maureen Jacobs said...

You know this Is a touchy subject so I will handle it like I handle everything else, head on.

First and foremost, it would be nice to see a woman in the White House. That is only if she is up to the task. I feel most women tend to more empathetic than men. (sorry to the Gloria Steinem fans ). In addition, we need a president that truly works for the average person. In history, there are many who worked for the money makers and served no purpose to the average Joey Bagodonuts. Or Jody Bagodonuts if you must.

Ms. Palin is almost as real as you can get. Perhaps the negativity came from those who think the woman's place is other home. Perhaps being a mother taints the judgement of a person. I say phooey.

My president needs to respect the Constitution, honor the civil rights of our legal citizens, respect our allies, and bring this country up to the standards set forth by our forefathers.

The HMS Palin is surely a better bet than the HMS Clinton, who shows wear and tear. I just think that those who are intimidated by Ms. Palin are just as culpable for the demise of our country. Perhaps their insecurities are getting the best of them and they realize that she can do a better job.


Anonymous said...

Very good and interesting angle on Sarah Palin Em. Yes, I agree with you and don't agree with some of what she thinks. I can see her run for president in 2016. I wonder if Michele will also? kam

Paul Mendenhall said...

"Powerful" is the last word I would use for her. What has she ever accomplished in her life? She couldn't even stick-out being governor of Alaska for a whole term. The only reason certain people respond to her is because she is willing to say whatever moronic thing they want to hear. That isn't leadership, that's pandering to the lowest common denominator. I don't think she is the least bit serious about being president. She is canny enough to know she could never win, and she can make plenty of money, and stay protected from the spotlight of truth, by continuing to milk her supporters through Faux News and the knuckle-dragger lecture circuit.

Ameer S. Washington said...

Reply on my phone, so excuse any errors. Sarah Palin for President in any year is the year I pack and ship myself off coast. Regardless of her popularity, good looks, and charisma, she usually makes herself seem dumb as a doorknob. I think the American people at large would never allow her to be President. A cabinet member, maybe. But I don't care if she became a screaming democrat preaching equality, same sex marriage, social programs for the poor, and free blanket healthcare; I still don't think I'd ever vote for her. Still, crazier things have happened.

Anonymous said...

Koch brothers supported the Tea Party for their own self-serving purposes, S.Palin was part of that scheme. Her husband Todd has been involved in the past in a group that's very anti government. Based on what I hear, for what that's worth, Republican don't want her anywhere near them, they have enough problems right now with the Candidates running for President and she presents as an extremist. This is not an intelligent woman, Hilary Clinton, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Warren have the intelligence, skills and resumes, S. Palin is a joke and she has done wonderfully well financially being a joke. The fact that the Rupert Murdoch Empire (FOX news) is involved in with her says it all. Palin was a incomplete governor, said she didn't like the work, she is an incomplete university student never finished. Palin makes racist remarks, has lots of beliefs that are misinformed and not factual. But there are always people that are fascinated with the bizarre entertainment and believe everything everyone says no matter the facts. Heather

Kaye Francis said...

Warning: having trouble with spelling today
* * *
For you Ms. EM ~ I shall comment, but most often I say little to nothing about Sarah Pahlin. I don't like adding to her 'buzz', her 'celebrity', her the woman who sold out to 'pop culture' ~ & that whole 'let's leverage our high profile' & make money money money off of it.

When Ima silent on Sarah, it's one tiny less voice helping raise or keep her profile on the American scene.
* * *
I understand being high profile, gaining popularity is heady, it can be intoxicating, confidence building, breath taking, wonderful ~ and yet ~ and yet should never obscure the core of what you are & what you stand for or cause any human being to be little more than a caricature of themselves.

Sarah got arrogant, she got greedy, & she sold out to 'pop culture'....she's and entrepruener ala the Kim Kardashian of politics to's all about the getting the money, making money.
* * *
Aaaand GASP until today I've said very very very few negative or positive words about Sarah Palin.

I once said that Bristol Palin didn't belong on "Dancing with the Stars" cause she wasn't a 'star'....the Palin camp via Facebook & other media called people with my opinion 'haters'......
* * *
Ima not particularly a 'hater' ~ most often Ima thoughtful & pragmatic (practical) & open for discussion. So when Sarah Palin & the Palin family are unable to process even constructive criticism & put up a blanket wall with the 'label' ~ 'hater' ~ why in the 'heyell' should I even consider this kind of mentality for a Presidental candidate or oh gosh NO NO NO ~ President.
* * *
Don't have anything to do with gender. When the right woman for a Presidential or Vice Presidential office comes along, she will come along!
* * *
By the way when Madison Wisconsin went into a wing fang dang fal der rah over new Governor Scott Walker ending collective bargaining ~ thinkin' was part of the state Republican Party got Sarah to come in & make a personal appearance in Madison. Her total talk 5 minutes, her total 'on site' appearance/wait time walking up to the podium & down again was about 3-8 minutes. She was placed into an SUV & taken directly to the airport. (She had come in directly from the airport.)

I may be wrong, but I think she also came & went in a private jet. I never could find the actual figures but various media outlets reported she was paid $30K - 50K for that appearance.

I think of all the good that kind of money could have done other than to have gone to Sarah.
* * *
Nice work if ya can get it, trouble is most people don't 'get it' ~ either the money or the work.

So if you think Ima envious or anything like that ~ well then so be it, you have a right to your opinion ~ my opinion is "Sarah Sold Out"
* * *
Luv ya EM & John~ I feel so badly that I can't seem to get my brain to spell. Ah! So there may be some mis-spelled words.

Ima @grammakaye on twitter.