Sunday, February 5, 2012


Em asks her husband, John Cullum, what time in his life would he want to revisit.

It's a question that many of us ask ourselves -- would you want a chance to start your career again? What would you do differently if you were a kid again?

John Cullum's answer surprises Em. His favorite time, the time he'd want to revisit, was his Junior High School days.

John explains that he was already playing tennis and winning matches, that he'd gotten his first part in a school play. He surprises Em as he delightedly mentions "Ethel Capps."

No, she wasn't a pretty young girlfriend.

What Ethel Capps taught him, how it led him to May Gadd, and a whole world that John fell in love with -- still loves -- that's what John Cullum would love to revisit if he could turn back the clock.


Carola said...

Great video. I loved John's dancing with his shoulders, and the way you both laughed.

Anonymous said...

LOL! So much fun to watch this video! you and John are so funny and cute. Enjoyed going back in time to John's Jr High School days. Where would you turn your clock back to Em? I would go back to my High School days being in plays and winning Miss Talent with my guitar and dating handsome boys....good memories! kam

Linda Phillips said...

I love great old memories. My greatest was the summer that I was 15 going on 16 and worked at the then famous Woodstock Playhouse, in the real Woodstock NY...not the fake Woodstock where the concert was held many years later.

My god did I have fun! And walked around barefoot all over the town whenever I could.

The director loved me and cast me in small parts in many shows. Other weeks I did anything. Mainly I did props, as I was madly in love with the Prop man.

I also adored running lines with a fabulous actress named Betti Henritze. She is still around (to the best of my knowledge). A true working actress and one of the most talented actresses I have ever known. I learned so much from Betti.

Our first play that season was Cat in a Hot Tin Roof. I was Assistant Stage Manager and of all things, our Stage Manger quit the morning of opening night. So there I was at 15, running a show for a week at a most revered stock company.

God what fun days, not to mention all of the men who were perusing me. LOL

Maureen Jacobs said...

1987 would the year to go back to for me. May of 1987 specifically. I remember that time fondly.

I would definitely not change anything, but from May of that year through the summer, life seemed so perfect. Carefree, fun, and coming of age.

If I could go back in time to a time before I was born, I would have to say that the roaring twenties seems fun.

Ameer S. Washington said...

It seems like you're always trying to set John up to talk about past loves, but he deflects quite well. I smiled as I listened to him avoid all those things that would have likely embarrassed him, or maybe not.

If I could turn back the clock, it'd be in two place. 1. When I was 11-13 years old and writing stories in a notebooks and reading to my brother at night; I'd tell myself to forgo attending college and write because you're gonna love this forever and you can open business and invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds intelligently without having a college degree. Bill Gates dropped out and he was the richest man in the world for at least 10 years.

The second would have been to take to heart when my mentor Felix Rouse told me never to get a credit card, after my mother told me to buy everything with cash. Go figure, I heard it twice and still managed to bury myself in a bit of debt that I'm slowly crawling out of. The wiles of youth.

Thanks for this post. It's sparked a topic for my own blog around the same subject that I'll post today.

Kaye Francis said...

Zowie, Zounders & Zip-i-dee EM & John...what a sweet bit of video magic! Have you EM considered it must be love, because John never fails to give you an answer to your intial subject question for your blog videos?
* * *
Much love to you both & even extra big love 'n hugzzz, cuz it is February, the month of 'love' & 'loving things'...this vid is surely one loving thing.
* * *
I'm @grammakaye on twitter.