Saturday, February 11, 2012


John Cullum and Em have fun wondering how an alien would react to things we take for granted. Em figures an alien would be bewildered by people with cell phones -- a crowded street full of people talking out loud to themselves.

John contemplates how an alien would react if he saw hundreds of people seated in a large area, looking up at platform --watching a play being performed.

Out of the blue, John Cullum recalls a spooky, nerve-wracking, scary incident -- how long it took he doesn't remember, but what happened to him felt like an hour. He was onstage, starring in "Deathtrap" on Broadway one night, when a guy, seemingly an ordinary member of the audience, acted like an alien. The man got up from where he was sitting, walked down the center aisle of the theater, climbed the stage steps, and joined John and the cast on the stage in the middle of scene.

How John and the other cast members reacted, how tricky it was to get this very strange guy off the stage, is a very special, unusual stage-story experience.

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