Friday, March 2, 2012


It the furor about the separation of church and state? Is it a "culture war" -- the culture war that's been going on for centuries?

What about contraception and the Catholic church? Is the furor about healthcare paying for it, or NOT paying for it? Or maybe it's still about gay stuff -- marriage, adopting kids? Or abortion -- yes, no -- probably it's still about who decides what for whom ...

All I really deeply know is what I inherited from my mother and her mother -- a lot Victorian rules and ideas about love, sex and morality that have globbed together and made me determined NOT to be an obsolescent, old-fashioned woman.

Hey, maybe it's still the age-old to-do about SEX ...

Okay, so, women kiss women, and yes, men kiss men.

The pictures are nice to look at.

No doubt about it, John Cullum kisses Em and Em kisses him back.

I'm posting pretty pictures to look at, to remind me what all this moralizing is probably about.

Has the contraception issue's been shelved? No.

Is healthcare/Obamacare loaded with infringements of the first amendment? Yes? No? Maybe?

Can you follow the attacks -- the up and down headlines -- the he said, she said quotes? Do you wonder, privately just between you and yourself, why this morality business is becoming a bigger and bigger issue?

Is this the real issue -- the issue of who is going to get elected in November? Or is the Number-One moral issue about who you kiss, who you love, who you have sex with, and the hundred repercussions of how all that private business affects you every day?

Everyone has a comment, an opinion --
it's wrong, it's right, gotta stop it, gotta do more, it's sinful, it's freedom, we need laws, don't need laws, it's up to God/Jesus/Jehovah/Allah.

I think we need this furor. It sort of pulls the window shade on the fact that we are not being governed by Congress, governed by men and women whom we elected to govern us, who are using the House of Reps as their political home-sweet-home playpen. This furor -- this SOMETHING that's going on -- is greying down the chaos, and distracting us from the civil war we're in.

Civil war? Yes.
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