Sunday, March 4, 2012


John Cullum explains how the creators of the show, Joshua Brand and John Falsey. began to develop the characters based on the real people playing the parts.

It worked, it made the characters very real, but by the third season, Brand and Falsey began to run out of material. Em remembers the nightmares that various characters began to have, but delights in the episodes where John Cullum was actually singing.

Cullum reveals that the show was never shot in Alaska, and explains more about why using an actor's personal life begins to hurt a show, and why everyone was sad, of course, but relieved when the show ended.


Anonymous said...

Such a fun video about John's happy days being in Northern Exposure! The mountains they shot in are beautiful. Learned more info about the show and how it got started. A real treat! Thanks.....kam

Kaye Francis said...

"Gadfrey Daniels you kiddios & your videos" ~ I love 'EM (pun intended) & I jest love both y'all so very much!
* * *
TV shows & longevity: beyond my brain capacity although I suspect there is a formula to the formula.

Currently we do see MORE TV shows that are pretty brilliant in concept & execution but we know the 'ideas' are going to run out. I find myself thinkin' Ima gonna enjoy this now & automatically mentally gauge & think right off the bat ~ 3 seasons or 4 seasons max.

I consider myself an 'expert' in TV watching cause I pack hours of it in every dang week.

On the 'aside' ~ I didn't get to watch hours of TV as a child nor as a working adult ~ now retired Ima making up for 'lost time'. #wink
* * *
Oh on even the farther 'aside' Ima currently enthralled with a quirky, off-beat, funny original NetFlix series (uh NO COMMERCIALS that way) called LILLYHAMMER with Steven Van's American mobster goes into witness protection in Lillehammer, Norway.
* * *
Much love to you both Ms. EM & John Cullum & to your FAMILY! :) I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Carola said...

I remember when my husband first came downstairs to tell me about this amazing and unusual new television series. He was thrilled by the early episode when the characters reach a complete roadblock and Shelley suddenly breaks out of the make-believe, "let's drop this direction and change the script."

Judy schlosser said...

INteresting info about the writers, and love seeing different colors on John - beautiful shirt and Emily's hair down.

Linda Phillips said...

I think the name of the town was Rosalind (sp?). I loved Northern Exposure and never missed a show. I was totally convinced that you were actually in Alaska and used to worry about all of you freezing to death there.

I have found with most shows of that type, that I love them for the first 2 or even 3 years and then they go bad....and I stop watching, because they just don't hold my interest any more. So what you said, makes perfect sense and really explains why that happens (for me at least). It's a very rare show, and usually one on HBO or Showtime, that can sustain my interest for a really long time. Those shows just really make me sad when they end, but those are few and far between.

Loved hearing and seeing you both as always, and again Happy birthday to John!