Wednesday, May 9, 2012


How would I handle the need to be perfect, look perfect, say the right thing, have no opinions on what Barack is saying and doing, not appear to be too black, too educated, too concerned with anything political.

And take care of him, the children and my mother.

And be "low profile " as millions of people are watching, and listening and reacting to everything I do.

And make decisions for the household, it's maintenance, menus, a thousand little and big things that have to do with guests, social engagements, charities, obligations.

And keep track of names, all sorts of data, on spouses, kids, personal issues of the many people that I need to keep track of along with world news -- facts, factors, all the things that involve the president, the country, the world, and ourselves -- our public and private selves.


Could I do that?

Could I attend all those meetings, pose for all those pictures, give speeches supporting education for children, the role of women, Veterans -- all kinds of things for Veterans?

And umpteen other things relating to environment, homelessness, human rights, healthier foods, and everyone exercising more?

And always -- speak simply, explain, never sell hard, or sound like an educated experienced executive, and lawyer?

As the First Lady, just be the supportive, gracious-hostess, wife of the President?

That's what First Ladies do.

I couldn't do it. Could you?

Where is the real Michelle -- the person she's been for 48 years? Her ideas, her real opinions and thoughts, her fears and wonderings and her own concerns?

She's subjugating what she is and what she feels in order to be the First lady.

What's going to happen to the real Michelle next year, and the year after?

First Lady Michelle Obama cannot think about that or do anything about that. She just has to take each day moment by moment.

What a woman!

Hey, how many pushups can you do?
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