Monday, May 7, 2012


The headline in Time said: "Almost two billion people will live in regions suffering from water scarcity and two-thirds of the global population will live under water-stressed conditions by 2025 according to UN estimates.

It shouted at me -- We've got to save water!

Do you try? I try. Brushing teeth, one turns on the water, and leaves it on.


Rinsing hands, one turns on the water and leaves it on.


After a meal, I don't know about your household, but we clear the table and put utensils in a tall plastic container that's filled with water, and some liquid soap. End of the day, instead of running the dishwasher, we sponge-wash each utensil, then rinse them all together, set them in a drying holder.

Flushing the toilet -- you don't have to flush each and every time you use it.

DO (gently) remind other members of the household, to do the same.

DON'T take long showers -- DO make them shorter.

Washing clothes: DO larger loads.

Shampooing: Once your hair is wet, turn OFF the water while you're applying it. Turn water ON when it's time to rinse. Water OFF while applying conditioner. ON when you're ready to rinse.

DON'T drift into a contented reverie, enjoying the flow, and forget.

Picture people in other countries -- drinking, washing clothes, washing themselves in a contaminated river -- we've all seen those pictures.

Outcome Magazine, March 9, warned, "Water shortage poses ‘global threat’ In about 40 years’ time more than four out of 10 people in the world may be living in river areas in the grip of severe shortage."

Why post this right now, today? Because it's time to wash my hair and time to do machine-washable clothes. My husband's hamper is full and mine is full of black exercise togs (often used and washed, so I know the color won't run). Therefore, his load and mine can be done together.

We don't have a car to wash, or a garden and grass to water, but city dwellers, can save water. WE HAVE GOT TO SAVE WATER..


MikesFilmTalk said...

We live in East Anglia, the driest section of the United Kingdom. The average rainfall amounts get smaller each year in our little section of the world. It has been that way for some time now.

When I first moved to the UK, it was summer and the time of year when the government started the annual hosepipe ban. Essentially making it illegal to wash your car, water your lawn, et al.

I had to chuckle to myself when I read your blog and it's very important message of conserving water. They used to run adverts on the telly that encouraged families to use the same bath water. They also encouraged using second hand water to "water" your plants.

Other helpful hints included putting a brick in your toilet cistern (used less water to flush) and showering with another person. As much fun a that sounded, I never got the opportunity to have a "joint shower" with anyone.

Well summer is fast approaching, here in the UK and I've already had a leaflet through my door talking about the "annual" drought. Ironically, since I got that leaflet, we have had rain every day.

It is just as well. I don't have anyone to have a joint shower with anyway.

As usual a very topical blog Ms Em.

Peggy Bechko said...

Most of these I've been doing for years - I live in the SW US - they're all great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Water is precious. Without it-we would die. You don't know what you've got-til it's gone! thanks for sharing this informative video and blog Em. kam

Carola said...

The agency that runs our sewage treatment plant gave me a little 4-minute hour glass to measure and limit showers. I was pleased to discover that my showers are less than four minutes. Now I use the hour glass to measure how long to keep the anti-dandruff shampoo in my hair.

Asha N. Rahni said...

Loved this, Em. It is so important to spread this message. Thank you for your contribution to this very important and urgently needed discussion.

Maureen Jacobs said...


I am the queen of water saving. At least in my castle. We have 4 rain barrels that dutifully collect water which we reuse for watering the plants that are water wise for our area.

I agree that if we take a moment or two to watch what we do and we can save a bit of H2O.

Give John my best.

And you, of course.

Maureen Jacobs.

Unknown said...

EXCEPTIONAL blog and subject today from you Emily Frankel! Please note that weather and drought conditions are currently and highly affecting some parts of the Southern and South West USA which has been causing some 'wing fang dang fal der rah' problems between people.
* * *
When I see the scorched, cracked earth pictures from other parts of the globe and people dying from lack of water or diseases related to what water available being highly contaminated, it just kills my heart, just kills it in hurt for them.
* * *
Thank you Ms. EM, much love to you, your John Cullum and Family. I'm your friend @grammakaye on twitter.

J. Thomas Ross said...

Thanks for bringing up this subject, Em. We tend to take our clean water for granted instead of appreciating the precious gift it is.

I have to mention front-loading washing machines. I finally got one a few years ago, and I love it! Not only does it use much less water, but it gets the clothes cleaner, is gentler on fabrics, and needs less detergent. Thus, it saves money as well as water. A big winner!

Linda Phillips said...

We have similar issues where I live. It never rains in the summer here at all and this winter did have quite a few rainy days, but I suspect not enough to make up for years past.

I try to do my best to not run water when I can. I have a low flow toilet, which really does conserve on water consumption. My shower head also has a feature that helps to reduce the flow as well.

It is not easy to remember, to always be conservative, but I try my best.

Ameer S. Washington said...

It is a great discussion to be had. Because I often wonder, how can we be running out of water when about 70-80% of the Earth is made of water. And if we continue at this rate, how fast will we run out of water. I've been a bit more water conscious too, trying to turn off the faucet while I brush and then turn it off when I spit. I try to get showers down to 20 minutes. Its an important matter, glad you brought it forward.