Thursday, September 6, 2012


I saw this photo in TIME MAGAZINE -- a two-page spread. It horrified me.

Kung fu fighting -- ten thousand martial arts students in the city of Zhengzhoum in China’s central Henan province, perform a coordination exercise to mark their country’s Cultural Heritage Day.

I hate this puicture. I can’t stand looking at it.

I don’t want to write about the perfectly identical figures, the young people, who drilled and sweated and robotized themselves so they could do what they are doing.

Animals couldn’t do this. These are humans.

All my life I’ve strived to be me, be different, hold onto my individuality, help dancers I’ve employed, people I know and love, help everyone i know retain their identity, and NOT change to fit the mode.

I don’t want to write about about this picture, or or other horrors made by man -- man by himself, or men collaborating with Mother Nature.

Hey, the season is changing. I’ll write about September things -- cool days, cold days, are coming. There’s a convention to watch, and lots of stuff to do on my calendar -- taxes, building repairs, gotta check the thermostat and call the heat people to check out the furnace, get out winter clothes, put away summer stuff ... Whewy -- the list of things is like a snow ball, a mud ball rolling down a hill gathering up debris as it gets bigger, bigger. and bigger.

For more than a year the White House, non-functioning Congress, squabbles, fights, debates over what the country needs, have been filling my mind with what’s wrong, what’s getting worse. What a mud ball -- all that and now, the conventions, debates, rah-rah, lies, ugly attacks, money, money-men buying ads, disenfranchising voters -- that the presidency could be bought -- that election day is meaningless -- oh my God!

I’ll look at this picture of what’s happening in a far, far, far, far-away other part of the world.

Hey, I’ll play a video clip, that will bring back the thrilling, stunning, horror of another horrifying ceremony.

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