Saturday, September 8, 2012


John Cullum enjoys his role as cook, similarly to the way he enjoys being the family shoemaker, shopper, patcher-mender, and "Agnes the Maid."

Bragging about the three dinners he has learned to prepare, he describes "Pork Chops" ala John -- the precise ways he's evolved, for seasoning the meat, fluffing potatoes, bouillon-flavoring the green-beans.

His second dinner is "Ham Steak," ala John. The third is "Spaghetti." What makes this dinner a hit, a favorite, is their collaboration -- Em's sauce. Her super-spicy red sauce is exceptionally delicious, with John Cullum's perfectly cooked, precisely prepared spaghetti.

"Yes," John says, "I'm great at boiling water."


Peggy Bechko said...

You're lucky and so am I! Husbands that cook - and do it well. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this video and blog. You and John are so compatible and lovable! You both made my mouth water hearing the way you prepare your meals. We fix ham steak with sweet potatoes and marshmellows. John's pork chops sound yummy and with lots of flavor. You both could have a cooking class or write a cooking book. And you have fun cooking together! kam

kitjoegia said...

That was so beautiful!Loved it so much.You are such a beautiful couple and an inspiration to many.

@lethemknow said...

great video clip, you two work great together, well done !

Carola said...

John's recipes sound delicious. Emily, I would love to see some of your recipes on the blog - I know you are a very creative cook.

Constance Masters said...

Thanks for sharing Em and John. The recipes sound delicious, but then anything you don't have to make yourself is delicious isn't it? Thanks for sharing :)

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