Saturday, December 1, 2012


Answering his wife, Emily Frankel's question, John Cullum explains how he reacts to the sound of applause, how it actually affects him when he's performing.

Describing how Marlene Dietrich used applause and Richard Burton's concern with being unique, John admits that getting laughs concerns him more than bravos.


Linda Phillips said...

I was an actress in my youth and for me getting a laugh was special. It meant I had connected with the audience and they got it. Which meant I was doing well.

I know I never stopped a show...LOL...I would imagine that would be exhilarating and a great gift...

I have seen John Cullum stop a show so I know just how truly special he is as an actor. Bravo John!

Anonymous said...

Great blog today. John had alot of tips and info to share about performing and applause and laughs. Liked his tender lines also. I show stopped a play once in high school. I had the smallest part in HIGH SPIRITS as the maid. It was a drama and mystery and in my one scene I see a ghost and throw the tray full of drinks in the air, scream, and run out the door. I will never forget it...I screamed so loud and did such a great job-it brought laughs and applause and stopped the whole show. I was a star that night! Lol! kam

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

Laugh at my jokes! Give me applause! That's a good reason for living...Giving the same is also good! (Maybe a form of love.)

Gus said...

Your husband is too modest a man, Em. Bearing in mind applause is butter to his profession (bread being, the bread), he should start getting used to accepting loud rapturous claps. It never is too late you know. :)

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