Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Unforgettable face, the beret, the love in her eyes...

A president almost impeached for his relationship with her.  

Phone sex, and sex in the Oval office... His semen stains on the blue dress she wore...  In front of a Grand Jury, shocking testimony  heard throughout the world... Her shocking answers to what he and she SAID, and DID, heard throughout the world.

Others got fame and glory from the scandal: Linda Tripp, a best friend this girl never should have trusted, became a name. Kenneth Starr, who was investigating other Clinton wrong-doings, became an even bigger name. Other names floated around -- a UN Ambassador the President asked find a job for the girl -- a literary agent who advised Tripp to record her conversations with the girl -- anyone, everyone who was even trivially involved, became a name.

Other womanizing Presidents -- Jefferson, Harding, FDR, Eisenhower, Johnson, JFK -- they are still heroes. Clinton's blatant lies about this girl are on a tape that makes you cringe, but Bill is certainly a hero today. And his wife Hillary, who stood tall throughout the scandal, is most definitely a heroine -- a woman beloved by other women, admired for the way she handled infidelity, as well as her political campaigns for the Senate and the presidency, and her work as Secretary of State. 

And the girl? She was a spokeswoman for Jennie Craig for a few months, but let go -- perhaps, because there were complaints that she represented wrong-doing, or maybe because she was gaining weight. She went into the pocketbook business, but her expensive purses did not sell well. Her dates with other nice-looking, ordinary men were in the gossip columns with photos. Talk of the tell-all book she was going to write was mentioned in the news. Other jobs -- jobs for which she was eminently qualified -- her notoriety got in the way and employers turned her down.

Now, today she can walk down the streets of NYC unnoticed. (Is that why she's wearing sunglasses on a gloomy dark day?) Apparently paparazzi and autograph hounds don't pay attention to her these days.  

Googling, I learned that she gave up her expensive one bedroom condo, and moved back in with her mother who has a penthouse in NYC. She's still unemployed, and still looking for a job. There have been no husband, no babies, or that home in Westchester that she, quite often, said she wanted.

Recently, the girl (she's 39 now), told a friend, who told some friend who knew someone on, U.K (my source for this post,) that she's working on her book -- that tell-all book that's been mentioned before. OnlineMail reports that there's a $12 million deal on the table.

If it's published would you buy it?
How you answer that question tells us what the reward is -- for Monica Lewinsky's 15 minutes of fame.
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